Nutritional Analysis Paper

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Diet Analysis Paper

Being an insulin dependent diabetic with Celiacs Disease has played the main role in dictating my eating patterns for the last six years. I walk a fine line of balancing blood glucose levels with diet and exercise. Many of the foods I eat are simply because I have to follow a gluten free diet to manage my Celiacs Disease. With all of the emerging publicity of gluten free diets people assume that eating gluten free is a healthy, weight friendly, approach to eating. I find that a naturally occurring gluten free diet lives up to many of those expectations, however when certain foods are replaced with a formulated gluten free version it then becomes a different story. When gluten free adaptations of grains in breads, pastas, cereals, etc. are added into my diet I find myself eating a much higher amount of carbohydrates and calories from starch. Many of the gluten free versions of whole grains are very dense in carbohydrates. The reason behind the heightened calories and carbohydrates is because it usually takes multiple types of gluten free flours mixed together to substitute for one non gluten free all purpose flour. I anticipate my carbohydrate intake will be on the elevated side in the initial three day data, but I am consciously mindful to try to avoid too many gluten free replacements and instead opt for foods that are naturally gluten free. Other influences on my food choices would include my on the go lifestyle and my Diabetes. I have been a type one insulin dependent diabetic for twenty seven years. Over the last three decades the guidelines for a diabetics diet and target blood glucose range have changed drastically. Target blood glucose levels for “good” blood sugar control was 180 when I was first diagnosed. At the age of 12 I remember 150 being the upper limit. Now, at the age of 29, 120 is considered the highest “good” limit. These...
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