Nutrition Essay

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Nutrition TTH 10-11:30
May 1st, 2012
Diet study essay
Weight and activity level
My body mass index or BMI is 18.8 which is in the normal weight category. I have always been on the smaller side for my entire life and I have never had a doctor tell me my weight is an issue or I am malnourished. I use to play baseball but I quit a few years ago but I have started to play racquetball on occasion. I then started doing a work out program for a project in school I followed it for about a month. I normally do about 60 to 90 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week. I do not do any vigorous-intensity workouts. I also do not do any muscle strengthening activities. According to my iprofile my DRI or daily recommended intake was 2462 kilocalories a day. Over the course of the project I was eating on average about 1107 kilocalories a day which is about 45 percent of my DRI. Which means I was normally under my DRI for calories. As far as I know I have only had one grandparent who has had diabetes and that grandparent is not related to me by blood so I do not believe that I am at risk. High blood pressure does run in my family but I have had several blood pressure test and they have all been within the normal limit. And my family does not have any significant history with heart disease and breast cancer.

Foods and Food Components to Reduce
On day one I had a sodium intake of 4733mg of sodium. The foods that caused me to go over my limit were an In-N-Out double double with onions which was 1440mg and Panda Express firecracker chicken had 1062mg. On day two I had a sodium intake of 3884mg of sodium. The food items that led to this high sodium intake were the two bean and cheese burritos I had which had a combined total of 2431mg of sodium . On day three I had a sodium intake of 3822mg of sodium which is 166.2 percent more than my recommended intake. The foods that led to such high sodium levels are the Taco Bell bean burrito which had 1216mg of sodium, a...
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