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Nutrition Answers

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Nutrition quiz & tests questions and answers:

Syllabus quiz:

The online interactive discussion activities are very important because the points earned are worth 15% of your final grade.


The graded work under "quizzes" are timed and based on real-time, not logged in time.

This means if you click on "start quiz" at 10am on Monday, you must hit the "submit" button on the quiz:

by 2pm that same Monday in order to earn those points.

There are 8 different quizzes offered during the term (not including the syllabus quiz), but only 7 will count towards my grade. This means if I accidently forget to do one, it will not affect my grade.


The course project is called the _____ and is worth _____ points.

diet analysis, 40

Successful uploading and submission of your assignment in the dropbox is verified by D2L sending an email receipt.


Where can you find the links to all syllabus materials?

in the content area under the title 'syllabus links'

As long as you complete your discussion posts by the due date, you will all receive full points. Quality and quanity will not count.


I got admitted to the emergency room the morning of my exam 3 and therefore could not take the exam. The way this will be handled is:

I will take the final to replace exam 3

I can calculate my own grade because quizzes, dropbox assignments, discussions, exams and the diet analysis are worth certain number of points. I can add up those points to compare to the points needed for each grade.


How many minutes will you have to complete each exam?


You will be using the USDA SuperTracker website for the Diet Analysis, which is often unreliable. What should you do to avoid problems?

start the assignment early in the term so that any unforseen problems can be handled early on

How much time will you have to complete each quiz?

4 hours

If I want an 'A' in the class, I must earn at least _____ points, and if I want a 'B' in the class, I must earn at least _____ points.

360, 320

There is a chart within the syllabus links that shows all the due dates for the course on one table.


Digestion Quiz

Feeling weak or light-headed could indicate ________, or a physical need for food and fluid.


What is the role of saliva?

all answers are correct

Which of the following leaves the stomach first?


A thick, slippery secretion of ________ forms a protective layer, preventing the destruction of the stomach lining from strong digestive juices.


When considering hunger and apetite, the ______ is strongly involved.

nervous system

After absorption ______ travels through the lymph system until eventually reaching the bloodstream.


Which of the following is true of the small intestine?

The small intestine has unique, circular folds and villi to increase its absorptive surface.

The definition of "digestion" is the transfer of food particles from the GI tract into the bloodstream.


Most digestive enzymes come from the


The ________ produces bile and the ________ stores it.

liver; gallbladder

________ is the breaking down of food into its smallest components; ________ is the transferring of nutrients into the circulatory and lymph systems.

Digestion; absorption

Having bacteria in the large intestine is not healthy and can make a person sick.


The only treatment for celiac disease is a gluten-free diet.


Hydrochloric acid is produced in the small intestine.


You have been diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Which of the following foods should you avoid to prevent backflow of stomach acids into the esophagus?


Carbohydrate Quiz

Which of the following is NOT a polysaccharide?


Plants are our only source of carbohydrates.


Functional fiber is the same as dietary fiber.


Whole grains are superior in nutritional quality to refined grains.


Approximately how long does it take for your liver's glycogen stores to be depleted?

18 hours

Which simple sugar is also known as milk sugar?


People with lactose maldigestion are deficient in the enzyme ________.


Polyols (sugar alcohols) are common reduced-calorie sweeteners used in which of the following products?

chewing gum

All dark breads are good sources of fiber.


Your friend was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol. Which of the following food choices would you recommend to him to help lower his cholesterol?


Processed foods and added sugars should be completely avoided in a person's diet.


Sugar causes diabetes.


Another name for table sugar is:


When blood glucose levels rise, your pancreas releases a hormone called ________ into your blood to help transport glucose to cells.


The enzyme produced by saliva in the mouth is called:


Fat and Protein Quiz:

How many nonessential amino acids exist?


Which of the following is true about enzymes?

They are not changed during the reaction.

Negative nitrogen balance occurs:

in burn patients.

Plant protein can be hard to digest because:

plant cell walls cannot be broken down by intestinal enzymes.

A classic symptom of kwashiorkor is:

edema in the legs, feet, and stomach.

Complementing plant proteins will provide all the essential amino acids when eaten in the same day.


Jennifer is interested in becoming a vegetarian but loves eggs and milk products. What type of vegetarian will she be if she gives up all animal flesh and eats only plant foods, eggs, and milk products?


One of the functions of a transport protein is :

allowing sodium and potassium to pass out of the cell.

When amino acids are broken down they can be stored as fat.


Stomach acid denatures protein, preparing it for the action of:

digestive enzymes.

Lipids that are liquid at room temperature are called oils. True

Lecithin is used in food as an emulsifier.


What type of fatty acid is alpha-linolenic acid?


Unsaturated fats are more prone to rancidity because:

the double bonds are susceptible to damage by oxygen

It is recommended to eliminate all saturated fat from your diet.


Alcohol Quiz

Ethanol is made through a process called____________ that involves yeast and the natural sugars found in fruits and grains.


Which of the following does NOT meet the definition of an alcoholic drink?

a pina colada that contains 1.5 ounces of standard rum and 1.5 ounces of coconut flavored rum

Where is alcohol absorbed?

stomach and small intestine

Where is alcohol metabolized?

stomach and liver

Alcohol can suppress brain stem activities, which leads to:

suppression of breathing and heart rate

Which of the following explains differences in alcohol absorption from person to person?

People with more ADH in their stomachs will absorb less alcohol

Someone who drinks the equivalent of 30 grams of alcohol is taking in how many calories from the alcohol alone?


What may happen to the liver after just a few days of alcohol overconsumption?

it can enlarge with stored fat


All of the above

Women who drink during pregnancy put their babies at risk for:

Fetal alcohol syndrome

Alcohol is a ______, which explains its connection to dehydration.


Consequences of college drinking include:

1700 deaths per year

BAC can keep rising, even after drinking has ceased.

There are studies that show that moderate alcohol consumption can have positive effects of the cholesterol levels of college students.


Drinking alot of alcohol on a regular basis can interfere with absorption of essential vitamins and minerals.


Micro Quiz:

Fat-soluble vitamins can be destroyed by heat, air, and water.


Which of the following cooking methods is most likely to diminish water-soluble vitamins?


Vitamins provide the body with energy.

Which of the following vitamins has an anticoagulant property?

vitamin E

Women of child-bearing age are advised to consume adequate ________ to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in pregnancy.


What are unstable oxygen-containing molecules that can damage cells called?

free radicals

High intake of this vitamin during pregnancy may cause specific birth defects.

vitamin A

Kosher salt is considered an excellent source of iodine.


Some antibiotics, such as tetracycline, can inhibit the absorption of magnesium.


Minerals are organic substances.


Which of the following can decrease calcium bioavailability?


Hyperkalemia can cause:

irregular heart beats

Individuals who are obese are ________ as likely to develop hypertension as those who are at a healthy weight.


Peak bone mass generally occurs when a person is in his or her ________.


The accidental consumption of supplemental ________ is the leading cause of poisoning deaths in children under age 6.


Energy balance:

When talking about energy balance, we talk about energy both entering and leaving the body. How do we measure that energy?

in calories

When you consume more energy than you use, you would be in a state of _____.

weight gain

Another way of stating energy expenditure is:

calories used

There are 3 different methods of expending energy. The total of these three is Estimated Energy Expenditure or EEE. What are the three methods of expending energy?

BMR, physical activity, TEF

Which part of energy expenditure uses the most energy?


Which component of energy expenditure is most closely linked to how much you eat?


Which component of energy expenditure is likely to change the most on a daily basis?

physical activity

_____ decreases when you don't consume enough energy because your body is trying to save all the energy it can.


Jane is 150 pounds, 5'6" tall, ate 3000 calories yesterday, has a BMR of 1550, and used 450 calories during sports training. What was her EEE yesterday?


If John ate 2900 calories yesterday, has a BMR of 1850, and burned 1000 calories at football practice, what could you say about his theoretical weight change based on this one day?

that he is in a state of weight loss

Sara has a BMR of 1525, ate 2460 cals yesterday, and burned 250 calories at an aerobics class. What would you say about her energy balance?

that she is in a state of weight gain

Tim has a BMR of 1750, burned 300 calories at basketball practice yesterday, and ate 2250 calories. What would you say about his energy balance?

that he is in a state of weight maintenance

Kayla has a 1650 BMR, did not participate in an physical activity yesterday, and ate 1250 calories. Which of the following is true?

she has a 525 calorie deficit

David ate 2800 calories yesterday, has a BMR of 1975, and burned 250 calories at baseball practice. What could you say about his energy balance?

he has about a 300 calorie surplus

How many calories are in fat?

1 pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories

If Tina had a pretty steady energy expenditure of 2300 calories daily, but then she decides to ride her bike to work and back each day (adding 250 calories to her energy expenditure), how much weight would she be losing per week, theoretically?

.5 pounds

Don started college last month. He also started drinking beers with his friends, about 8 per week. If the beer he is drinking has 150 calories each, how much weight could he expect to gain per week as a result?

About a third of a pound per week

Mike eats about 2700 calories per day, has a BMR of 1975, and burns about 600 calories daily at track practice. What is his theoretical weight change?

loss of about a third of a pound per week

Diana burns a total of about 2500 calories daily. She had been in energy balance for the past year or so, but recently started drinking about 350 calories of soda each day on her lunch break. What could you say about her current energy balance?

She will gain about .7 pounds per week

Stephanie has a BMR of 1400, burns about 200 calories daily walking around campus, and typically eats about 1800 calories daily. Recently though, her doctor told her that it would be best if she lost a few pounds. As a result, she started lifting weights at the gym and running 2 miles each morning, while maintaining her caloric intake. After some investigation, she determines that her extra physical activity totals about 400 calories daily. What could you say about her theoretical weight change?

she is losing .8 pounds per week

Sports Nutrition:

Which cholesterol can be increased with regular physical activity?


Exercise decreases insulin sensitivity.


Muscle strength is the same as muscle endurance.


Physical fitness can improve sleep and immune function.


Fewer than half of all Americans meet recommendations for physical activity.


Women should avoid weight lifting because it can build large, bulky muscles.


The "F" in the FITT principle stands for fitness.


Strength training the same muscle groups every day can lead to

muscle loss

________ intake prior to exercise can help reduce muscle damage by causing a release of insulin, which promotes muscle protein synthesis.


Drinking beer after a workout is a good way to rehydrate.


When glucose is broken down at a very high rate, the muscles produce a by-product called lactate.


Athletic training has no effect on the amount of glycogen muscles can store.


To provide carbohydrate and protein after exercise, low-fat chocolate milk is a good alternative to commercial shakes.


Which nutrients does your body prefer to use for energy during physical activity?

fat and carbohydrate

Which is NOT part of the female athlete triad?

type II diabetes

Pregnancy and lifecycle quiz

Women should strive for a healthy weight before they become pregnant.


Women need to increase their caloric intake at the beginning of the first trimester.


Pregnant women who are vegans are at risk for a deficiency of which nutrient?

vitamin B 12

The recommended number of additional calories a pregnant woman should consume daily during the second trimester is


Breast milk is low in protein because

nitrogen waste will stress an infant's immature kidneys

The bacteria Listeria monocytogenes can be found in which of the following foods?

all of the above

The nutritional needs and appetites of toddlers increase relative to the needs of infants.


A parent needs to be aware of a child's picky eating. One of the ways to help identify any major eating problem is to

keep a food diary of what the child consumes for a few days

One result of the increased obesity among children is an increase in

type II diabetes

Daily fluid recommendations are based on a child's caloric intake.


The National School Lunch Program provides

nutritionally balanced low-cost or free lunches each school day

Which of the following is NOT correct about bone growth?

most of the growth occurs in the middle of the long bones

Consumption of too much preformed vitamin A by older adults may increase the risk of


One of the reasons the risk for dehydration is so great with older adults is that

the thirst mechanism becomes blunted

Older adults have about double the fluid needs of a younger person.


Exam 1

Kilocalories are the units used

to measure the energy in food.

Which plant-based chemicals are NOT classified as nutrients?


Foods high in fiber are often good sources of


Good nutrition plays a role in reducing the risk of all of the following diseases, EXCEPT

kidney disease

To eliminate any bias that subjects or researchers may have during an experiment, the scientists use

a double-blind placebo-controlled study.

To see if breast-feeding influences the incidence of the disease rickets, researchers study rates of breast-feeding of infants with and without rickets. This is an example of

observational research.

During an experiment one group is often given a pill that does not have any active ingredient. This is called:

a placebo

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for nutrients is generally:

designed to meet the needs of nearly all (97 to 98%) of the individuals in a similar group

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are designed to help you improve the quality of your diet and lower your risk of:

All of the above

According to the AMDR, what percentage of your daily intake should be protein?


A food label claims that the food is a "good source of vitamin C." This means that the food:

provides 10-19% of the DV for vitamin C

A food label for a bag of cookies states that "a serving" equals 3 cookies. According to the Nutrition Facts panel, "a serving" is 120 calories and the bag contains "3 servings." How many calories will you consume if you eat the entire bag of cookies?

360 cals

In what order are ingredients listed on a food label?

descending order by weight

The only treatment for celiac disease is a gluten-free diet.


The ________ produces bile and the ________ stores it.

liver; gallbladder

Which of the following is true of the small intestine?

The small intestine has unique, circular folds and villi to increase its absorptive surface.

Humans possess the digestive enzymes needed to break down fiber from plants.


Soy milk contains lactose.


The process of restoring nutrients lost during the refinement process is called:


Which of the following is NOT a polysaccharide?


What type of fiber is responsible for lowering elevated blood cholesterol levels?

soluble fiber

Another name for table sugar is:


The current DRIs recommend that you should consume ________ grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories you eat.


The number-one source of added sugars in the United States is:

soft drinks

A long-term complication of poorly managed diabetes that could lead to amputations is:

poor wound healing and decreased ability to fight infection

Which statement regarding diabetes and exercise is correct?

Vigorous exercise can lower blood glucose levels.

Which of these foods has the lowest glycemic index (GI)?


Hunger, shakiness, dizziness, and light-headedness can be signs of hypoglycemia.


When the amount of water that you consume is equal to the amount of water that you lose daily, you are experiencing water ________.


Which of the following statements does NOT apply to hyponatremia?

fluid levels in the brain are too low

The following factors alter urine color EXCEPT:

consumption of bottled water

The kidneys help transport waste products out of the body via the:


The main energy source in most sports bars and shakes that are intended to provide energy for exercise is:


Heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon are considered a(n):

What symbol on a supplement label indicates that the supplement has been tested and meets certain criteria for purity and ability to disintegrate and dissolve in the body in a reasonable amount of time for proper absorption?

USP seal

Exam 2

What type of fatty acid is alpha-linolenic acid?


Fats are part of a broad category known as lipids.

The hydrophilic and hydrophobic nature of phospholipids makes them useful as:


Which of the following is NOT true about cholesterol?

it contains two fatty acids

A fatty acid with two carbons joined twice to each other at one place in the chain is called a:

monounsaturated fat

The Mediterranean diet refers to dietary patterns found in Mediterranean regions that result in:

a very long life expectancy

In 1996, the FDA approved the use of olestra in which of these foods?

potato chips and corn chips

Food manufacturers use trans fatty acids because:

all of the above

Coconut, palm, and palm kernel oil are:

high in saturated fats

A risk factor for heart disease that you cannot control is:

type I diabetes.

The American Heart Association recommends the consumption of:

at least two servings of fatty fish a week.

Why are nuts a heart-healthy food?

All of the above are attributes of nuts.

The inner compartment of a lipoprotein contains mostly:

insoluble fats.

Approximately how many grams of protein are turned over daily in the body?

200 grams

The function of the protein is determined by:

its shape due to side chain interactions.

All of the following are functions of protein EXCEPT:

reducing dental caries

The property of proteins that maintains fluid balance is their:

ability to attract water.

Ethanol is made through the ________ of yeast and the natural sugars in grains and fruits.


When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, which body system of the fetus is seriously damaged?

central nervous system

All of the following factors affect the rate of alcohol absorption EXCEPT:
alcohol source (e.g., rum vs. beer).

Identify the stages of cancer in the correct order.

initiation, promotion, progression

The phytochemical found in tomatoes is called:


The stage during cancer in which DNA in a cell becomes damaged is known as:

The name of the phytochemical found in white vegetables and fruits is:


The best way to meet your protein needs is to:

eat a wide variety of foods.

Because gelatin is missing the amino acid tryptophan, it is called:

an incomplete protein.

Which of the following is a symptom of marasmus?

restricted growth

Osteoporosis may be a health risk with a high-protein diet because:

bones tend to lose calcium when the diet is high in protein.

Athletes should never follow a vegetarian diet.


Which of the following nutrients is found naturally in soy products?

omega 3 fatty acids

One of the biggest concerns for vegetarians is not getting enough of certain nutrients. Which of the following is usually NOT considered a nutritional concern for vegetarian

vitamin C

Vegetarian diets have been shown to lower the risk of the following diseases EXCEPT

type 1 diabetes.

Which of the following are good sources of vitamin A?

red, orange and yellow vegetables

What is the deficiency disease of vitamin D in children?


Which of the following are the best sources of vitamin C?

citrus, strawberries and bell peppers

What is a non-dietary sources of vitamin D?


You are having whole-grain cereal for breakfast. You want to increase your absorption of the iron in the cereal. What should you consume with the cereal?

orange juice

A daily diet that includes at least seven servings of ________ and ________ can easily meet potassium needs.

fruits; vegetables

Which mineral helps give methionine and cysteine their three-dimensional shape?


Which mineral has the ability to provide a protective barrier between teeth and the destructive acids that wear down enamel and contribute to dental caries?


Exam 3

A BMI value of _____ is considered healthy.

between 18.5 and 25

In order to achieve energy balance, your dietary intake of calories must:

equal your calories expended

The factor that most affects your basal metabolic rate is

lean body mass

Which method of assessing body fat percentage involves an electric current flowing through the body?

dual energy X-ray absorptiometry

The start of your next meal can be delayed by increasing the ________ of the foods you eat.


Many hormones play a role in controlling your hunger. The hormone produced in the stomach that encourages you to eat is called


The energy you expend fidgeting, standing, getting up to turn off the TV, and other nonexercise movements is called


The portion size you serve yourself can increase by more than 20 percent when

the food is presented in a large bowl or package

Today the typical cover girl is ________ percent thinner than the average woman.


The eating disorder characterized by self-starvation and excessive weight loss is called

anorexia nervosa

What is lanugo?

very fine, soft hair on the face and arms of people with anorexia nervosa

Which of the following is a common health consequence of bulimia nervosa?

tears in the esophagus

People with night eating syndrome consume ________ percent of their 24-hour calorie intake between ________ p.m. and ________ a.m.

56; 8; 6

Cardiorespiratory exercise often involves continuous activities that use ________ muscle groups.


Which of the following is an example of muscle endurance?

doing 100 consecutive push-ups without taking a break

If you are riding a bike so quickly that you are sweating and find it difficult to hold a conversation with the person next to you, then you are probably working out at a(n) ________ intensity.


Which type of exercise is best for bone health and decreasing the risk of osteoporosis?

weight bearing

Which athlete would be at higher risk of iron-deficiency anemia than the others?

female marathon runner

Carbohydrates and ________ can increase glycogen synthesis better than carbohydrates alone.


Which is the most appropriate pre-exercise meal?

oatmeal and nonfat milk

Under what conditions will the body use significant amounts of protein for energy during exercise?

both A and B

Which of the following can cause foodborne illness?

all of the above

The temperature range of the "danger zone" is ______ degrees Fahrenheit.


The process of heating foods and liquids to a very high temperature to kill pathogens is called


When checking the temperature of ground beef, the thermometer should reach _____ degrees F.


Women in their 20s who breast-feed for up to two years may reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

How much alcohol per day is a pregnant woman permitted to consume?

0 ounces

Breast milk is low in protein because

nitrogen waste will stress an infant's immature kidneys

Which of the following are signs of an infant's readiness for solid foods?

ability to sit with support

Which food should NOT be given to infants due to the possibility of botulism?


Some possible nutrition-related causes of colic include all of the following EXCEPT

being fed too often

All of the following foods pose a choking hazard for children EXCEPT


Some medications given to children for ADHD have serious nutritional side effects, such as

growth stunting because of decreased appetite

Which of the following are factors that can lead to low peak bone mass and increased risk for osteoporosis?

inadequate intake of vitamin D and calcium during adolescence

One of the reasons that adolescents have poor intakes of calcium and vitamin D is that

they drink soda instead of milk

Consumption of too much preformed vitamin A by older adults may increase the risk of


Why might an older adult be in need of a B12 supplement?

they have fewer acidic stomach juices

Which cholesterol can be increased with regular physical activity?


A pre-event warm-up that includes performing arm swings, kicks, or lunges is called ________.

dynamic stretching

Strength training the same muscle groups every day can lead to

muscle loss

Final Exam

The nutrient that contains energy is _____.


Which recommendation is based on food groups?


Which set of recommendations addresses alcohol consumption?

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Which of the following does not have to be listed on the Nutrition Facts Panel?


The musclular activity and rhythmic contractions occuring in the GI tract after eating is called:


People with celiac disease have an immune response to gluten.


The large intestine is involved with absorption.


The organ that makes bile is the:


Fiber can be digested.


Lactose intolerance occurs when:

there is not enough lactase enzyme to break down the lactose in the intestine.

Glucose in the blood is regulated by which two hormones?

insulin and glucagon

Type II diabetes is on the rise in the US while type I rates have not changed much.


Which of the following is NOT a function of fat?

adding protein to your food

What are the 3 main types of fatty acids?

saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated

Lecithin, a phospholipid, can help water and oil to mix together through its ability to act as an:


When your diet does not provide adequate calories, your body breaks down ________ to make glucose.


An example of a transport protein is:


Which is a consequence of a severe deficiency of dietary protein?


What happens when an amino acid is not available during protein synthesis?

The unfinished protein will be degraded.

Research from numerous studies has shown that deaths from heart disease are about ________ lower among vegetarians than among nonvegetarians.


Biotin, vitamin D, vitamin K, and niacin can all be made by the body.


Which of the following vitamins stimulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus?

vitamin D

The vitamin that can be synthesized by sun exposure to the skin is ________ .

vitamin D

The average healthy adult is ________ percent water.


During exercise, the body will cool down by:

sweating to release the heat

Joe is leaving for a party where he and his friends will be drinking alcohol. What advice would you give Joe to delay absorption of alcohol into his bloodstream and prevent rapid intoxication?

Joe should eat a substantial meal that includes some fat and protein to help delay the arrival of alcohol into the small intestine.

What is the best way to remedy a hangover?

Wait for the symptoms to pass.

Exercise causes a small increase in energy expenditure for some time after the activity has stopped.

Approximately 10 percent of the calories in the food consumed is used for the thermic effect of food (TEF).


You can use your BMI value to determine:

what your weight-related health risks are

Over _____ % of type II 2 diabetics are overweight.


Which of the following hormones signals the brain to decrease food intake as fat stores increase?


What percentage of eating disorders occurs in men?


Which of the following is a common psychological factor associated with eating disorders?


Phytochemicals do all of the following EXCEPT:

promote the formation of carcinogens.

What are the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 recommendations for physical activity for moderate health benefits?

at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days of the week

Carbohydrates and ________ can increase glycogen synthesis better than carbohydrates alone.


Irradiation significantly reduces the nutrient composition of the treated food.


The National School Lunch Program provides

nutritionally balanced low-cost or free lunches each school day

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