Nutrition and Ways

Topics: Nutrition, English-language films, Junk food Pages: 1 (763 words) Published: March 31, 2015
Living in Canada or any forging country will change and affect everyone. It doesn’t matter how long you try not to, but some day you will be changed. For me I thought I be would never change but here I am writing the ways that I have been affected during my living here in Canada Living here has significantly affected my personality on many ways. The first thing has changed in my personality is my confidence Back In my country everything I needed was there for me. I didn’t need to have a conversation with a stranger to get what I wanted. My father would call some of his friends and do it for me. Or send the driver to get it. If I needed to open an account in a bank all need to do is ask my father. But now I need to go to the bank and tell them what I want and had a real conversation. And go to ICBC and have a BC ID all that I did it without any problems. At the first you will face some trouble but you will get used of it. Another thing has changed in my personality is that I become more decisive. When I need to make any decision in something I study the pros and cons. When I am wrong I take a full responsibility of my choices. The last thing has changed. I become more optimistic about the future. Back in my country I didn’t know what is my future will be or which university I will study at. But now I know that I will finish my English coerces and when I finish it I will study at UBCO and I know what master I will take. I know my future what will be more than ever. Living here also has changed my health in a different ways. First of all, I walk to school every day since I came to Canada. I feel more energetic than before. In my country in I used to go to school by a car. I have never walked to any place by foot. I have always used a car. But now I walk to school, I ride a bicycle every Sunday for 2 hours, I go to gym 3 times a week, I swim a lot. I even lost weight. The bad thing is the food. The food that I eat here is much worse than in my country. Back there, I...
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