Nutrition and Good Source

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Healthy Foods
Eating healthy foods is one of the greatest ways you can live healthy and combat developing a disease. Some diseases are genetic and there's not much you can do about that. But others like Diabetes 2, Lung Cancer, and Heart Disease and might be prevented with the proper diet. Below is a list of healthy foods and some of the body parts they affect. 1.

1.Basil is a great herb to add flavor to just about anything you are cooking, but also has many other benefits that may cause you to add it to your diet. It is known to reduce blood pressure and ease the symptoms of emphysema and bronchitis. Basil also makes a good natural insect repellent when rubbed on your skin. Dietary Fiber

2.Dietary fiber promotes regularity, helps control caloric intake and promotes weight loss. It may also reduce the risk of certain cancer sandcardiovascular diseases, and help people with diabetes control their blood sugar. Fruits and Vegetables

3.Vegetables and fruits are our most Nutrient-dense foods. They contain the greatest amounts of nutrients per calorie of any food. Many nutrients, including the ones that fight against cancer and heart disease are found in fruits and vegetables. 4.Vegetables have less sugars than fruits.

5.Spinach is an excellent example of a nutrient-dense vegetable. Spinach provides at least 50 % of the RDI for vitamin A, and about 20% of the RDI for vitamin C. Spinach is a good source of iron, calcium, and folate. Asparagus

6.Asparagus is high in folate content (20 to 50% of the RDI per serving). Folate is a nutrient identified as being important for pregnant women. Pumpkin
7.Pumpkin is an excellent source of vitamin A (as carotene), providing over 300 percent of the RDI. And canned pumpkin appears to have much more vitamin A than fresh-cooked pumpkin. This may be due to the fact canned pumpkin has more water cooked out of it than boiled pumpkin, and the varieties used for canning have intense orange color, a sure...
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