Nutrition and Food

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Eating Pages: 2 (2403 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Carmen Martinez
Professor Amy Lynn Reifsnyder
ENG 012 (6:00) Final essay
10 December 2012
Nutrition in a Toddler’s year
Toddlers grow rapidly, and it is important that they get the best nutrition possible during this time. Their brains develop quickly, and their bodies gain strength to be able to work, run and play. Proper nutrition will help ensure that toddlers will get the best start in life. It is hard enough to get toddlers to sit still for meals let alone keep track of how much they eat, the problem is are toddlers eating enough? And what gives with the days they suddenly eat as though they are wolfing down their last meal? Why the inconsistency? Rest assured that extreme fluctuations in appetites are fairly typical. They do not need to eat as much as they did when they were infants and their appetites reflect that. So while it is important to offer children there regular meals and two or three healthy snacks a day. (Think of it is six mini- meals). In this constantly expanded nutrition essay I will review the important nutrition issues from infant to toddler. How much food do they need?

“Nutrition guide for toddlers” kids’ the Nemours foundation 5 December 2012 http// The toddler’s transition, especially between 12-24 months, when they are learning to eat table food and accepting new tastes and textures, babies grow at a lightning pace; 3 inches every 3 months. A toddler in contrast, grows at a much slower rate, only 3-5 inches in an entire year. While growth slows somewhat, nutrition remains a top priority. It is also a time for parents to shift gears, leaving bottles behind and moving into a new era where kids will eat and drink independently. Depending on their age, size and activity level, toddlers need about 1000-1400 calories a day. Refer to the chart below to get on idea of how much should be eating and what kinds of food would satisfy the...
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