Nutrition and Fitness Paper 1

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Health Pages: 4 (1316 words) Published: February 20, 2011
Nutrition and Fitness Paper

Jacqueline Willard

SCI 100

January 31, 2011
Megan McClaire

Nutrition and fitness in today’s busy society is tougher now than ever before. Men and women work day and night, so squeezing fitness routine is not always the easiest thing. Not only is fitness tough but trying to eat a proper meal is even tougher when fast food is always around. This paper will show how fitness and nutrition is not easy in a busy forty hour plus work week. And some people can make the changes necessary to avoid healthy issues by making the necessary changes in life.

First step to a healthier new me would be to change my current fitness habit, which is not much other than teaching dance and walking to adding more activity to my week without losing sleep. After looking at what my current fitness routine is teaching two and half hours of dance a week and walking a week for two and half hours I noticed I needed to add more activity to my week.

Within that first step is to set a goal of how much time is needed to be achieved a week and how much time is available to achieve that goal. I know at least thirty minutes every day is a healthy goal of activity. So adding at least one hour a week of an activity is what I need to do. So adding Wii Dance Routine twice a week for one hour will help out and give me an extra amount to achieve the goal and go above and beyond the goal.

Second step is to improve the area of nutrition, I eat the three meals a day and I even snack a bit for the extra energy kick needed for the day. But nutritional habits are a lot like fitness habits, it focuses on eating right and exercising right. Habits are created to improve or even decrease who we are. So creating a healthy habit is essential to achieve the goal set in front of us. Poor nutrition can lead to obesity which can lead to medical problems in years to come.

A normal family’s lifestyle can result to unhealthy...

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