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This report focuses on nutritional health. Nutrition is often associated with healthy eating and dieting however it is actually the process of providing and obtaining food for the necessary growth and development associated with health and well being.

Concepts with relation to nutrition.

Food- Any nutritious substances that is eaten or drunk which is absorbed in order to maintain life and growth.

Diet- A diet is the type of nutritious substance which is absorbed. E.g. Carbohydrates, Protein and Diary.

Snack- A light amount of food which is eaten between regular meals.

Meal- Any of the regular occasions during the day where a large amount of food is eaten such as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Nutrients- A substance which provides nourishment which is essential for the maintenance of life and growth. Nutrients include vitamins and minerals.

The Importance of a balanced diet.

A balanced diet is a diet which provides the body with the correct nutrition in order for it to function correctly, A balanced diet should include the amount of the individuals daily calories and have a variety of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins. Calories in meals are a measure of the energy which is stored in food, the body needs a certain number of calories depending on the height, age , gender and level of physical activity of the individual.

Having a balanced diet is very important in order to keep the body's organs and tissues working by providing the best nutrition, without the correct diet and poor nutrition the body is more likely to be prone to disease and infection and poor health which can lead to conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

'The Eat Well Plate' was introduced to try encourage balanced diets by highlighting the different sectors of food and what should be eaten in order to create a good healthy diet, no single food contains all the nutrients which are needed provide nutrition to organs and tissue however choosing a good variation of foods will provide a healthy daily intake. The different sectors of food are: Fruit and Vegetables

Carbohydrates (Bread, Cereals, Potatoes ect.)
Dairy Products (Milk, Cheese ect.)
Proteins (Meat, Fish, Eggs ect.)
Fatty & Sugary Foods

Eat food category has a section of the 'Eat Well Plate' in accordance to how much of each food you can eat on a daily allowance. The diagram shows the sector for fruit and vegetables being a lot larger than fatty foods which indicated the ratio of products allowed to be eaten in the day.


The five-a-day scheme was widely encouraged around the UK in both children and adults by the World Health Organisation which recommended that an intake of 5 portions of fruit and veg at 80g each would reduce the risk of serious health problems including obesity. Fruit and Vegetables are very important and are a very good source of nutrition to the body due to the multiple vitamins and minerals they contain. Fruit and Veg contain important substances like:

Vitamin C- Provides the aid to absorb iron and is needed to protect tissue cells and maintain healthy connective tissue. Vitamin C is also good for the immune system and protects the body and encourages healing.

Folate- Used throughout the body to break down proteins and produce DNA, The folic acid helps produce red blood cells which keep the body healthy.

Fibre- Improves the health of the digestive system and helps reduce cholesterol in the blood and helps to prevent constipation.

Carotenes- Required for growth and development and are used to help immunity by protecting the body from harmful toxins.

Potassium- Keeps the heart healthy and reduces the risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol which can lead to heart disease.

Measuring Nutrition

There are numerous ways in which we can measure nutrition which can indicate conditions such as obesity and malnutrition. Some ways we can do this are: BMI (Body Mass Index)/Height...
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