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Latin derivative, nutritio, nourish
• “All  the  processes  involved  in  the  taking  in  and  utilization  of  food  substances  by   which growth, repair, and maintenance of activities in the body as a whole or in any of its parts are accomplished. Includes ingestion, digestion, absorption, and metabolism (assimilation). Some nutrients are capable of being stored by the body  in  various  forms  and  drawn  upon  when  the  food  intake  is  not  sufficient.” Tabers Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary

What is food?
• “Any  material  that  provides  the  nutritive  requirements  of  an  organism  to  maintain  growth  and   physical  well  being.”
Tabers Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
Is food important?......obviously, YES.
What role does food play in the world?

Economic Prosperity/Security

Social Welfare
In the US there is a food stamp
program for those who are
unemployed etc. This raises
political issues based on

Many countries that cannot grow
food and are dependant on
importing food, which has led to
armed conflict. Groups vie to
control the food because if you
can control the food then you
have bargaining and political

LS 2N03 – Human Nutrition for Life Sciences
D.M. Pincivero, 2013

Most Canadians are extremely privileged
and are not aware of food shortages
around the world because food is so
abundant at fairly reasonable prices.

Armed Conflicts
Bargaining and political power often
leads to armed conflict.


Norman Borlaug (Mar 25, 1914 – Sept 12, 2009)
1970 Nobel Peace Prize
• Invented a new strain of wheat (dwarf) which was disease resistant and generated high yields to combat world hunger.
• Exported the new strain to Central America, Middle East, India, Pakistan, Africa
He developed a new strain of wheat which was disease and wind damage resistant. The very long tall wheat, can topple over and breaks before the grains can be yielded. The dwarf wheat is less prone to buckling and breakage and therefore increases the yield.

Dealt with a lot of hunger problems and food shortages in countries that have trouble growing wheat.

Nutrition can prevent disease.
a. Diseases caused by nutrient deficiency:
scurvy, goiter, rickets 1:1 relationship
b. Diseases influenced by nutrition:
chronic diseases such as heart disease
c. Diseases in which nutrition plays a role:
osteoarthritis, osteoporosis

LS 2N03 – Human Nutrition for Life Sciences
D.M. Pincivero, 2013

What do we know about obesity? It has gone up, it is staying up.


In Canada, US, etc. - there is a big increase in the % of the population that is characterized as obese and it is consistent across age spectrum. it is known as an "epidemic". Different from most diseases, as most are caused by person to person transfer of microorganism. You can't give someone obesity. The increase in numbers are over a very short time. Lots of health related and economic

problems caused by obesity. It is
important because of its strain on the
health care system.

Why  do  we  eat  the  way  we  do?......we’re  influenced 1) Physiological hunger

Driven by hormones and the nervous system.
We feel sensations of hunger and we seek to alleviate perceptions by eating. It is instinctive.

2) Sensory stimulation
 Food flavour:
 Texture:

taste and smell We associate pleasurable experiences with eating food. “feel”  of  food  – crisp, chewy, smooth

Studies suggest humans prefer the texture of food rather than the taste. Ex. Skim Milk vs. 2% - the fat content is very different, 2% is thick, where as skim is like water. Titanium dioxide used to be added to skim milk to give it texture, but is not healthy to ingest.

3) Personal preferences
Food we select is based upon experiences and what we are raised with and exposed to. Over time as our perceptions become shaped we...
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