Nutrient Cycling in Aquatic Ecosystems

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nutrients, such as nitrogen in the form of nitrates and ammonia can intensify this fertilizing effect, especially in nutrient poor rivers in remote areas as well as estuaries or coastal areas. * runoff from land cleared for agriculture, especially where fertilizers and manure have been applied in quantities that exceed nutritional requirements of crops * runoff from forestry and urban expansion

* industrial emissions to soils and water (e.g. pulp and paper and mining) * municipal and household wastewater discharge, including septic systems * wind blown dust from bare soils.
Excess phosphorus can result in abundant growth of aquatic plants. This can lead to a shift in the assemblages of fish and invertebrates toward less desirable species, including pollution tolerant ones which may include invasive species. blue green algae can form blooms under certain conditions, such as high nutrient loadings and warm temperatures, and cause unpleasant taste and odour problems in drinking water. Some of these bacteria can release toxins in the water which can pose health risks to humans and animals Decaying and unsightly algal and aquatic plant growths can also clog intake pipes and impair navigation reducing the aesthetic and recreational value of aquatic ecosystems. Additionally, fish kills can occur as a result of concurrent declines in dissolved oxygen.

Wetlands, rivers, lakes, and coastal estuaries are all aquatic ecosystems—critical elements of Earth’s dynamic processes and essential to human economies and health.Wetlands connect land and water, serving as natural filters, reducing pollution, controlling floods, and acting as nurseries for many aquatic species. Rivers, lakes, and estuaries serve as important transportation, recreation, and wildlife hubs. Coral reefs...
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