Nurture over Nature: the Benefits of Having Same Sex Parents

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Heterosexuality Pages: 4 (1220 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Nurture Over Nature: The Benefits Of Having Same Sex Parents Stephanie Cuellar
March 21, 2013
Nick Courtright

Nurture Over Nature: The Benefits Of Having Same Sex Parents Many people from older generations argue that same sex parenting is an abomination resisting any other insight into what is truly best for children. But it is true that hundreds of thousands of children are placed in foster care awaiting their forever families, and these children should not be denied a permanent family because of narrow mindedness. It does not take a scientist to figure that two people of the same sexual orientation cannot biologically conceive a child on their own; therefore adoption is the only option homosexuals have. While adoption takes a great deal of strategizing, it only seems fair to assume same sex couples would carefully weigh the pros and cons of parenthood before taking the next step. It is not humane for heterosexuals to conceive on “accident”, give up their child to the foster care system, and then to ban homosexuals from adopting simply because of their sexual preference. Same sex couples are obviously unfavored in the adoption process but have the potential to be great parents and therefore there is a legal and moral obligation to allow them to adopt children who otherwise have no homes. According to AFCARS report there are approx 400,540 children in foster care as of September 2011. In this report it clearly shows that 20% of these children get adopted out and 11% of them are emancipated out (Preliminary Fy 2012 Estimates, July). If homosexuals were banned on adopting, the number of children that would age out of foster care would increase drastically. These children that are destined to age out will likely end up in a cycle of poverty and classified as criminals. It becomes such a sad moment when a child that was classified as wanted to feel that heaviness and continue living that way. If homosexuals have that opportunity to adopt these children...

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