Nurture: Influence of Personal Experiences

Topics: Psychology, Social learning theory, Person Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: May 28, 2012

Nurture: Influence of Person Experiences

Paul Brar


One might assume that it is normal for a person to show their true personality, or emotions. However, as one does this, do people realize why one would act a certain way? Since the beginning of time, psychologists have been trying to discover whether our environment or genetics determine who we are. Scientists realized that it is mainly the way a person is raised, as nurture has the greatest influence on intelligence, personality and behavior. Genes might be our beginning but I believe that nurture affects our development. Behavior is the visible aspect of a person that reflects who they are as people. Nurture can in fact, affect an individual’s behavior. If an individual was raised in an environment that had certain influences on them then most likely they will behave according to it. Dr. John Money believed “that sexual identity is a result of environment rather than biological factors – the way a child is treated, the toys a child is given and the expectations parents have of a child” (Bain, 2001, para.4). An individual will become accustom to the ways he/she is treated and have been brought up so that will determine their gender behaviour. Moreover, our behavior does not have to be the same as people who share the same genes as us because everyone has a different way of behaving. Suzuki states “I share genes with people in Japan; our physical resemblance is therefore striking. But the enormous psychological and behavioral gulf that separates me from those people is obvious the moment we open our mouths” (Suzuki, 1989, Para. 10). Therefore, considering people around the world, we are not born with the same attributes or behavior as everyone sharing the same genetics as us since everyone lives in different environmental standards that mold us into certain ways. Lastly, parental skills also affect a child’s behaviour. Environmental...
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