Nursing a Client with Schizophrenia

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My client is a male patient aged sixty-seven (67) years old he and his family come from Molepolole, Botswana. He lives in Molepolole, goo-Mabe ward with his wife, seven (7) children and five (5) grandchildren. He has another son who is epileptic and lives with his wife’s mother. His next of kin is his wife, KM and the family do not have either a land line or cell phone number but can be reached by post at P. O. Box XXX, Molepolole. He has never been to school and is unemployed. FAMILY HISTORY

By nationality CM is a Motswana and both of his parents are deceased but he does not remember the year. He has four (4) siblings, two (2) males and two (2) females. His parents bore seven (7) children all together but two (2) died, a male and a female. The remaining children are five (5), three (3) males and two (2) females. CM does not remember the ages of his siblings and says that they do not visit him and his family often. CM reports that both of his parents drank alcohol but his father quit. There is no one in his nuclear family with a history of any mental illness but there is someone in his extended family with a mental illness. His paternal uncle’s daughter has a mental illness. PERSONAL HISTORY

CM has never in his life been to school but he can read and write. He is an ex miner and worked in the mines in Rustenburg, South Africa in 1966. He earned a salary of two thousand rands (R2000). In 1988, his condition got worse and he was brought home. When he got better he worked as a laborer and helped build Sedumedi Community Junior Secondary School where he earned three hundred pula (P300). When the building project was completed he survived with piece jobs and now he is an old pensioner. During his childhood, CM lived with his parents and they had a very good relationship. He never got any abuse from his parents; neither physical nor emotional. He played with others in the community playing games like ‘morabaraba’. He had a good relationship with his peers and whenever they had a conflict they would solve it using sticks then go back to getting along again. CM reports that he enjoyed mostly herding his father’s goats and playing with his elder siblings. During his adolescence period, CM reports that he adapted well to the changes that were taking place with his body. He concentrated more on herding his father’s cattle. CM is very much afraid of snakes and does not want to see one, even a picture of a snake near him. CM reports that his sex life is satisfactory. He practices the penetrative type of sexual intercourse and does not use any form of contraceptive method. Even though his sex life is satisfactory, CM reports that each time after coitus his veins constrict and feels like he is going to be sick. Having sexual intercourse with his wife without using a condom puts both CM and his wife at a risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections. In his maturity CM and his family still settled in the same place they have always lived in, goo-Mabe ward, Molepolole. CM’s hobbies are taking walks and visiting his siblings. During his leisure time he likes to just stay under a tree with his family and have long talks. He has never been arrested and has never had any problems with law enforcers. SOCIAL HISTORY

CM reported that he relates well with his family although sometimes they do not involve him in the decision making of the family. He feels like they look down upon him and this leads to the younger children in the family disrespecting him. He drinks traditional beer and smokes snuff, more especially when he is stressed and he is affiliated to Free Church of Botswana but because of a conflict that arose he left the church and now prays at home. CM does not have a history of substance abuse, he drinks and smokes occasionally, and when drunk he does not cause problems for anyone. PREMOBID HISTORY

It is reported that before onset the patient becomes quite and isolates himself for a few minutes then he goes...

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