Nursing Theory and Its Application

Topics: Nursing, Experience, Patient Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: March 23, 2011
Fatigue associated with congestive heart failure: use of Levine's Conservation Model Karen Moore Schaefer RN DNSc, and Mary Jean Shober Potylycki RN BSN

Fatigue simply defined as imbalance between energy demands to supply available. It is usually perceived as a pervasive personal problem that accompanies most illnesses. Knowing this thought, it is very important to consider verbal and non-verbal cues that signify that the patient is experiencing fatigue. As a nurse, it is our role to assist our patient to return to homeostasis otherwise, to maintain it in the form of adaptation. The study shows that patients that are included in the study do not correlate objective data in relation to fatigue experience to the subjective cues. With this, it only shows that we should be more considerate to attend with their complaint regardless if the symptoms do not manifest but rather they are verbalize for this is valid and judged as factual. In the theory of Myra Levine, she asserts that when the capacity to adapt is no longer functioning, it is the time individuals seek nursing care. We could all agree that feeling of fatigue, if experienced chronically indicates maladaptation to the patient. It is much recommended to apply the theory on four conservation to such situation because it doesn’t just assist patient to regain the balance in energy but also considers the other aspect of the individual as it deals with the wholeness of it. The study also proves that fatigue is often observed as problem of the elderly and so it gives us idea to become more sensitive to the complaints of this class. It is also recommended in nursing education so that students will better appreciate the relationship of the predictable responses of man to stress and how it contributes to the wellness of the individual. Moreover, it can also help in the nursing practice by applying the 4 different concept of conservation of M. Levine in choosing the best intervention that will addressed the...
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