Nursing Theories

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1. What is the purpose of nursing theories?
Nursing theories are guidelines for everyday nursing actions and helps nurse understand the purpose of their actions. Nursing theories based everyday nursing actions are analyzing a patient data, determining an outcome and nursing interventions for the patient, and evaluating the outcomes set for the patient. Nursing theories also guide research.
2. What is meant by the statement: "Nursing is both an art and a science?"

Nursing is a science because nurses learn different diseases, their pathophysiology, their manifestations and medications to cure the diseases. The art of nursing refers to hands on skills nurses have to perform in clinical settings. A nurse when working in the clinical setting...

Public must be informed about the variety off programs within the wide roof of nursing profession and the difference in responsibilities between these programs. Misconceptions about only a doctor having the power to treat a disease must change since a nurse practitioner is also diagnosing and treating both acute and chronic diseases. Thus also languages in media must be changed to “primary healthcare provider instead of doctor.
4. Why is effective communication essential for effective healthcare delivery?
Communicating both verbally and non-verbally is equally important in healthcare delivery. Without effective communication treatment of a particular patient is not possible. Activity like history taking by healthcare provider must be done without judging the patient and also by making sure that healthcare provider has their verbal and non-verbal communication appropriately. Any failure to do that will result in patient’s reluctance to share information and they might also feel uncomfortable to continue treatment with the healthcare provider.
5. How can communication create a barrier between the nurse and the patient and/or the patient’s...
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