Nursing Shortage

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Sicko Film Evaluation
Sicko is a two-hour documentary film directed by Michael Moore. This documentary gives the viewer an in depth look into the health care systems within the United States, Canada, the UK, Cuba and France. Michael Moore travels to these countries interviewing Americans about their health insurance coverage, cost, hospital visits, health expenses and compares them to each other. He also shows Nixon’s HMO promotion back in 1971 and Clinton’s reform failed effort in the 90’s. Michael Moore does an awesome job exposing the dysfunctional North American health care system that orients their importance around profits more than people. Similarly, there is a lot of corruption in the political system that is reveled in this film.

This movie provides the audience a cultural perspective for each individual country. The director of Sicko culturally compares the North American health care system to foreign health care systems and there are big differences to be made. In our capitalist country citizens most likely work until they die and struggle to receive medical services whether they are insured or not. On another note citizens from countries such as Canada, France and Britain have an effective system set in place to ensure citizens receive full medical assistance and reasonable wages to live healthy lifestyles. Although, Cuba is a communist country it also provided universal healthcare at no cost. However, nurses work for free and the people took care of each other.

Universal healthcare in the United States would benefit all American citizens. Because everyone will have health care and financial protection whenever they need to be seen. Similarly, the end goal is to provide financial risk protection, improve health outcomes and access to better health services. Overall universal health care systems would improve American longevity and welfare. However, with every new idea comes unknown consequences and in the US, they fear financial turmoil....
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