Nursing Role in Society

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Nursing Role in the Society Nurses are the care professions who are a part of a health care team. They play a substantial role in quality of patient care. The core of nursing is patient care and patient advocay. Nurses are increasingly working to promote people’s health and prevent illness from hospital setting to community health. The role of nurses develops globally over years. Nurses share a commitment in advancement and development of nursing science (Waldie, 2010). Various nursing role and position are correlated to level of education and expertise. Regardless of specialty nurses perform basic duties that include treating patients, educating patient, providing advice and emotional support to patient and family members, research patient care and disease for a better quality care.Based on exigency of health care system that include acute care, outpatient care, and community health, different nursing role are created to facilitate quality care. For example, Role of a primary nurse in acute care is to stabilize patient health condition; discharge planner nurse preparing the patient and family for exit from the health care institute and maintaining continuity of care after discharge; home health nurse will follow up on patient progress in long term care because the length of hospital stay is not meeting patient care. Case manager role is to ensure that all medical needs of a patient are met upon discharge. Forensics nursing role cover patient care in different aspect to treat and investigate victim of sexual assault. Research nursing is a fast growing new role that emphases on quality care related evidenced- based practice that most hospital requires. This role will help in devolving guidelines and protocols that are the standard of care in hospital setting (Banner, &Grant 2011); Infection control nurse role identify, track and control infectious out breaks in health care facilities and develop methods to prevent outbreak that is costly. Legal nurse

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