Nursing Reflection

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HEA 631 – Theory

This module was a legal and ethical module, I do enjoy looking at the legal aspects of nursing, but it can feel a bit overwhelming.

For this module we were divided into small groups of 4 or 5 people for Problem Based Learning (PBL), and each group was given a scenario from which we were to look at the legal and ethical issues. Individually I focused on the consent issues, and other group members looked into other legal issues. We then put together a group presentation on what we found. We also needed a supportive assignment on how we worked as a group and what we found.

I enjoyed doing group work, and I am really interested in consent so I felt very confident in searching for information to support my feelings, and we did work very well as a group. There were a few difficulties with meeting up and getting in touch with a group member, I could have recorded this better in our PBL record, and this did reflect in my PBL presentation mark. I wouldn’t have changed what I presented or how I presented it, I felt my presentation went really well and got the information I wanted across.

We also looked at the Triage system in AED, which I enjoyed and able to relate to as I was on placement in a children’s AED. The session supported my practice.

For this reflection, I used Gibbs Reflective cycle (1988), as a model. This reflection links with the Personal and Professional Development domain.
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