Nursing Professionalism

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Nursing Professionalism
Nursing XXXX
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Professionalism is a dynamic combination of several aspects of nursing. I think that the cores of nursing professionalism is caring and serving. This article examines the concept of professionalism in nursing along with my personal decision to enter this field. I got into the nursing profession because I wanted to help people and be able to advocate for their needs. Through my experience, I realize that nursing is a profession, not just a job. The article by LaSala and Nelson supports that nursing professionalism encompasses more than just professional appearance and should be considered in a variety of different settings, including the job interview and professional presentations. The article examines Susan Fetzer’s article on professionalism in associate degree nurses and how that professionalism is acquired. Finally, the article looks back in time and explores Florence Nightingale’s theory of environmental nursing and how it has affected the nursing profession.

Nursing Professionalism
Nursing professionalism is a hard term to define. I believe that nurse professionalism describes the skills, attitudes, values and behaviors common to and expected from practicing nurses. Because there are so many aspects to professionalism, it can be difficult for any nurse, whether novice or expert, to constantly achieve professionalism. I think the most important aspects of professionalism are caring and serving. Although this may not seem like “professional” attributes, I believe that the concepts of caring and serving define our field. There is nothing more un-professional or distasteful than a nurse that obviously does not care or serve for his or her patient, but rather, just does the bare minimum.

I also believe that nurses need to understand that there is a healthy balance that needs to be present when talking with the patients. Nurses are in a perfect position to listen to the patients’ needs and concerns, but many times, nurses get too personal and the nurses’ personal life overshadows the concerns of the patient. Listening to the clients’ concerns lead to valuable insight, that later may be helpful in treating the patient. I also believe that every nurse must show respect and dignity to each patient regardless of their social economic status or race. The client must always be put first in every situation, which is not a natural tendency for any individual. I think of nursing as providing more than just medical treatment to the patient, but rather nurses should strive to provide holistic care to their clients. Sometimes all it takes it listening to the patient to make them feel better.

Professionalism, as defined above, is very important to the nursing profession. Becoming a nurse is a self-less and serving position. When people think of nurses, they think of the individual who takes the time to explain things to the clients and comfort them through their illness. Unfortunately, many nurses do not see themselves as there to serve their patients, but rather just to make money and put their time in. This approach to nursing leads one to believe that being a nurse is just a job. I think that when a person recognizes nursing as more than a job, but as a profession, they begin to act and evolve into a professional nurse. When an individual takes pride in their work, the process of self-actualization, as discussed below, begins to manifest, and the individual understands and recognizes that their role as a nurse can be much more rewarding when they take those extra steps in caring and serving for their client. If every nurse took those extra steps, nursing as a profession would obtain more respect. Deciding to Become a Nurse

I originally entered the medical field as a registered medical assistant. I was fascinated with the medical field and was drawn to it because of the job security. As I gained more...
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