Nursing practice act

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Nursing Regulations in Virginia
Natasha Hill
Breckenridge School of Nursing

Nursing is a medical profession that is highly regulated by the states Board of nursing. The Board of nursing consists of experienced professionals and civilians who are responsible for formulating and regulating laws governing various aspects of the profession. Principles include details pertaining to nursing education requirements, licensure qualifications, and rules governing the practice of nursing. The code of Virginia includes the Nursing Practice Act (NPA) which encompasses these laws in extensive detail as a reference for current and prospective practitioners. It defines several aspects of the scope of nursing practice, along with requirements for new graduates to obtain a license. Responsibilities of board members and requirements for schools of nursing are also detailed within the Nursing Practice Act. The NPA serves as a statute that should be implemented in its entirety by its practitioners to avoid disciplinary action for failure to adhere to the laws pertaining to the scope of nursing.

Nursing practice is known as the act of providing care to patients and requires specialized education and skills attained from principles in biological, social, and behavioral nursing sciences (§ 54.1-3000). It involves implementation of a nursing care plan in regards to the patient’s medical condition with or without compensation. The Nursing Practice Act details the scope of practice for registered nurses and regulations that specify implementation of the care plan according to the law. The scope of practice for registered professional nurses is the performance of nursing acts in observation, care and counsel of individuals who are ill or injured. It includes the delegation of appropriate nursing tasks and procedures to unlicensed trained persons (§ 54.1-3000). They should be empowered to promote and teach...

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