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Recently, due to contraception fills, adolescent pregnancy has been decreased, nonetheless, issues of adolescent pregnancy have increased worldwidely, because they are not uncovered superficially. First of all, adolescent pregnancy is an area where intensive nursing care and social and family support are required. In part 1, with regard to teens pregnancy and care, I have collected various artefacts and reviewed them. In this portfolio, I will show how those artifacts help me to learn nursing care with regard to adolescent pregnancy including teenagers, newborn and family. In addition, I will present how I would utilize the artefacts to lead to my future nursing practice successfully.


The Victoria government report has helped me to understand the circumstances of teenagers who have experienced pregnancy and the effects relating to their pregnancy. As a future nurse, it is vital to know the social and environmental background of adolescent pregnancy. In terms of circumstances of pregnant adolescents, it has been found that pregnancy rates are higher among teenagers who include those factors as follows (The Victoria government 2014)

. family violence, or sexual abuse or conflict often occurs

. A teenager who has low self-esteem, low socioeconomic background

. An adolescent who has low maternal education

. rural or remote or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander residents.

As the webpage gives the information about complications with teenage pregnancy, I have known that teenagers have greater risks of medical complications during pregnancy and the reasons. The major reasons for their medical complications are that they find out their pregnancy late or do not know how to approach healthcare service (The Victoria government 2014). Moreover, their nutrition state during pregnancy is improper and hence, they experience premature labour and deteriorating their health condition such as anaemia and emotional distress. Also, the charts from sccanny organization show children born to teenage mother have low birth weight, under 2.5 Kg (Scanny organization 2014). The information has taught me to be prepared the background knowledge of negative effects of teens pregnancy on both their children and themselves before look after an adolescent mother.


As soon as an adolescent has a baby, it can be a burden to her and her family rather than pleasure in normal pregnancy. Before making a nursing plan for an adolescent mother, it is essential to diagnose their depression and anxiety. The YouTube video shows what is their depression and anxiety precisely and succinctly. I have comprehended that their anxiety and depression come from the problems such as parenting difficulties, continuity of study or not and finance to breed their children (PCA 2014).

Nurse Review Organization's webpage has provided me with disgnosis and intervention with respect to teen pregnancy (Nursereview 2014). In the future practice, I will educate their family to decrease a stereotype in relation to adolescent pregnancy and emphasize the significance of education for an adolescent mother if she is concerned about dropping her school. Besides, I will refer her to organizations to help her financial difficulties in raising her children and also advise her to take counseling programs with regard to her study.


The roles of a nurse include not only caring her patient but also talking to the patient's family and educate them. Above all things, in adolescent pregnancy, family support cannot be overemphasized because a teen mother is not prepared to give birth and breed. This video gives very useful tips to persuade their family that might be upset or frustrated due to their daugther's or girl friend's pregnancy in order...

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