Nursing Philosophy Paper

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Philosophy Paper
January 13, 2011

In this paper I will explore the elements of nursing theory and how I believe they are all tied together. I believe that a man’s health will be directly affected by his environment and his nursing care. The four elements of Nursing Theory are man, environment, health and nursing; the most important of these is man. I believe that man is a complex being, and like the fingerprint, no two are alike. Although some can be placed into subgroups based on things like sex, ethnicity, age, culture or religion; no two patients can be cared for in exactly the same manner and produce the exact same results. There are other factors to consider; which brings me to environment. One’s surroundings can play a major role in a person’s health or recovery. It can impact someone both physically and mentally. Studies have shown there is such thing as seasonal depression, where people are more depressed during the fall and winter months (Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research , 2009). This shows a direct link between man’s emotional health and environment. Small things, such as a quiet room with a window to allow sunlight or fresh air in, or the smell of fresh cut grass or a rosebush in bloom can alter someone’s mood. I believe when a patient is in better spirits, they will also be more compliant to nursing care. Rather than expecting a quick and full recovery from a patient placed in a dark, cold room with no windows or with distracting noises. Environment also plays a crucial role in one’s physical health. Substandard living conditions can promote illness by breeding bacteria which can be then passed onto others. Lack of clean water to drink or bathe with is a real problem in third-world countries where the mortality rate is much higher. I agree with Florence Nightingale when she stated the following about what nursing ought to be: “It ought to signify the proper use of fresh air, light,...

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