Nursing Mission Statement

Topics: Nursing, Registered nurse, Nursing specialties Pages: 3 (1035 words) Published: September 5, 2011
My mission is to provide a high quality of care to patients and their families in the community based on my strong commitment to practice, education, research, and collaboration. To acquire an RN position at OMH where I can continue to grow and enhance by knowledge base, taking every opportunity to learn and build upon the skills I have. I will strive to further my formal education, by obtaining a BSN and MSN degree within the next five years. First and foremost, I need to effectively complete the ADN program at CCCC; then register for and pass the NCLEX to be able to practice as a registered nurse. In an effort to accomplish these objectives I have successfully completed 61 of the required 73 credit hours for the Associate Degree Nursing curriculum. I am currently enrolled in NUR 233 and NUR 235; successful completion of the remaining 12 credit hours will earn me the ADN degree. With regard to the NCLEX, I have submitted my application and payments to the NCBON (to include payment of background check and submission of fingerprints) and to Pearson for testing. My strengths and opportunities are that I am currently maintaining a passing average in both classes, I have an amazing support system of friends and family, and I am determined to accomplish my dream of becoming a nurse. I have registered for the Hurst NCLEX review over Spring Break in preparation for the NCLEX and have purchased and are utilizing two additional NCLEX study resources. Possible weaknesses or threats would be I have “senior-itis” and am very ready to graduate which is altering my ability to focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand. Once that is complete I can focus on providing a high quality of care to patients and their families in the community. As a student nurse, I have had many opportunities in the clinical setting to establish and build upon my care giving. My strengths and opportunities for this are my strong commitment to practice, education, research, and...
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