Nursing Leadership

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Advancing Nursing Leadership
Nursing is a science and a rapidly changing profession that is now being faced with a lot problems. As challenges arise, the nursing field requires nurses with advanced knowledge and skills and who are responsible to take leadership roles in both educational and clinical settings. According to Newhouse (2007) nursing leadership provides the foundation and is essential for promoting the evidence-based practice (EBP) within health organizations. For this reason, more research in leadership area is important as nurses are the key caregivers in healthcare that influence quality of care given, treatment, and patient outcomes. Benefits of Research in this area.

Curtis, Sheerin, and Vries (2011) found out that research on nursing leadership has shown a positive relationship with improved patient outcomes and healthy work places; job satisfactions and positive outcomes for organizations; patients and healthcare providers. In an article addressing the importance of nursing leadership in advancing EBP, Bradshaw (2010) states that nursing leadership is essential to success in delivering care that is evidenced based, and leaders must find ways to engage staff nurses in EBP movements. In a subsequent article, Newhouse (2007) supports nursing leadership as being essential and is seen as the key to a successful evidence-based practice. Enabling EBP is important for promoting positive outcomes for both patients and nurses. Above articles address the importance of good leadership in creating healthcare settings changes that transform practice for the best patient care. In addition, Newhouse (2007) recommends that healthcare facilities should provide the means to help nurses towards EBP learning; which in turn, results in a professional environment that help in individual growth for staff and quality improvement. More so, National Academy of science (2011) suggests that one way to achieve this is for health care organizations to...

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