Nursing Jurisprudence

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Katelyn Willis
Jurisprudence Paper
San Jacinto College Central School of Nursing

This jurisprudence paper will discuss different objectives that are crucial to nursing knowledge. Topics such as licensing, continuing education, criminal history and disciplinary action that the board of nursing is allowed to take; It is the legalities and boundaries that can be taken against you as a nurse for not following the rules, for not complying with procedure, not giving your patient the absolute best care possible, and not maintaining the title that so many people have fought hard and long to make respectable. Objectives

It is important to remember that nursing is not only about taking care of your patient it’s also about taking care of yourself. The following sections are important information that every nurse should know. Nursing is now a highly respected practice and that is why it is so important to uphold what so many have worked so hard to maintain. One can speak for the masses, and one bad nurse can taint the reputation of all that follow behind. This is the profession that you have chosen and therefore the following is your responsibility to know, ignorance is not an acceptable excuse. Objective One: Texas Nursing Licensing Guidelines.

The title nurse is protected by the Board of Nursing. It indicates someone that has undergone training in a licensed, accredited school. They have completed all courses required and passed all examinations required and have a general and working knowledge of the human body, disease processes, procedures, and other policies necessary to take care of a patient in a clinical setting. This is something to be taken seriously because it involves human lives. That is why it is so important for people who want to be nurses to go through the proper channels to become licensed. The license must have the person’s name and their title or the abbreviation of their title to show that person who is providing care is registered, knowledgeable, and protected to perform all necessary tasks in order to save or maintain the patient’s life. Should anyone be caught falsely portraying themselves as a registered nurse, a licensed vocational nurse, or even a nursing student they will face criminal and federal charges as well as heavy fines (Texas Board of Nursing, 2011). The minimum information required on a badge is the person’s name, title, hospital name, and a valid picture of the person. Objective Two: Nurse Licensure Compact.

The Nurse Licensure Compact is a tool used by the Board of Nursing in many states to allow them to work together to promote and provide the best health care possible. It allows the nurses of the currently twenty four states in agreement with this act to be able to practice in those states without having to obtain a new license. The nurse must of course notify their home state and their new state of the move and acquire a temporary license that allows them to practice in the new state until all background checks and pending move are final (Mikos, C.A, 2008) The nurse must be knowledgeable of the laws of the state that they are moving to. Ignorance of the law, policy, and procedure is not an acceptable excuse to put patient’s lives in jeopardy. The nurse can and will be held accountable for all actions in the state that they commit the crime as well in their home state. The most notable punishment for not following rules and regulations is loss of your license. (American Nursing Association, 2012)

Temporary permits are given pending the results of an examination, if it is the first time the person has taken the exam and is a graduate of an accredited program. However, if the person has failed the examination before, or after receiving the results of the test fails, the temporary permit is not given or revoked. When in possession of a temporary permit they must be under strict and direct...

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