Nursing Informatics

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Nursing Informatics: Module 2


The focus of this module is a continuum focus on the nursing informatics role or roles in a

healthcare setting, what are the differences in competencies or skill set of nurses and how all this

is continually evolving in the healthcare world today. Over the next four chapters it takes a look

at how important it is to identify interrelationships with nursing informatics structures, the

development of standardizing terminologies to implement and ensure consistent use. It challenges the

reader to consider the vast learning curve many nurses will encounter on this journey of nursing

informatics and the very diverse means of data collection that is so much of a nurse’s job.

Professional Development:

On the inpatient units we frequently give continuous heparin dosing. Upon the initial order received from the doctor they order a starting dose rate. The registered nurse is expected to pull up in the patient’s electronic record under orders the protocol that provides guidelines for RN's to adjust the rate according to the patient's heparin PTT lab levels. The doctor at times will also order a loading dose or additional loading doses depending upon the lab levels. The heparin PTT is drawn every eight hours to determine where the dosing rate should be set to determine if the level is therapeutic, sub-therapeutic or critical reading. The nurse must use the computerized electronic record that is interfaced with lab and other ancillary departments throughout the hospital in the patient’s electronic record. This makes providing care to the patient more efficient for all those involved in the patient’s care. The nurse is able to pull the data from the computer to make a decision based on her training to make dosing corrections based on...

References: McGonigle, D , Mastrian, K., (2009). Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge.
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