Nursing Image and Media

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Nursing the Silent Profession and Media’s influence
The nursing image has become a major issue in the society as people have different perception about nursing. Some believe that nurses do their duties out of kindness. This has influenced the nursing image as most people do not see nursing as a good profession. Only few people in the society see nursing as an important profession and consider the qualification of the nurses (Younge & Niekerk, 2004). This has led to shortage of nurses in the country as minimal people join the nursing profession.
In addition, nurses do not have an opportunity to express themselves and this has made it hard for them to talk more about nursing image and led to poor working environment (Finkelman & Kenner, 2010). As a result nurses are required to use various strategies to improve the nursing voice and image. For instance nurses can use campaigns and the media to improve the nursing image and voice. This paper explores the nursing voice and the image. It examines the history of nursing image and voice. It will also examine how the media portrays the nursing image and how it has affected nursing image. Lastly, the paper will analyze the future challenges (Graham & Claborn, 2006).
The nursing image consists of various things. Firstly, the image of nursing involves the perception of nursing by people in the society and how nursing defines and sees itself. Nurses differ on the definition of nursing and this has made it hard to enhance the nursing image. Florence Nightingale contributed a lot in the development of the nursing image. Nightingale established nursing. However, the image of nursing is as a result of the folk image, the military image and the religious image. The folk image of nursing was as a result of the past cultures and civilization. During this time, nursing was considered a female role. Most people viewed nursing as an extension of mothering and mothers and family members who had the right skills were

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