Nursing: Hygiene and Environmental Theory Nightingale

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Nightingale’s environmental theory

Nightingale stated in her nursing notes that nursing "is an act of utilizing the environment of the patient to assist him in his recovery", that it involves the nurse's initiative to configure environmental settings appropriate for the gradual restoration of the patient's health, and that external factors associated with the patient's surroundings affect life or biologic and physiologic processes, and his development.

Environmental factors Affecting Health

Fresh Air
* Fresh air was extremely important for recovery
* A patient’s room is to be assured with good ventilation of by insisting on open windows. This practice can obviously lead to a chilly room. * Chilly room can hamper the patient’s health . But with proper bed clothes and hot bottles the patient can be kept warm in bed and well ventilated at the same time. * Although ventilation may not seem like an issue in a modern hospital, it apparently was in homes with chamber pots and no indoor plumbing.
 Chamber pots should always be placed with a lid. A pot without a lid could pollute the surrounding air and result to fatal epidemic diseases.

Bed and bedding
* Bedding that is "well slept in" is unsanitary. Therefore, regular changing, washing and airing out of bedclothes should be done. * A patient's bed should always be in the lightest spot in the room; and he should be able to see out of window.  

* Nightingale felt that visitors' "chattering hopes" and advice were distressing to patients. This included false assurances, ignorant medical suggestions or suggestions that the patient has nothing wrong with him. She asserts that patients do like to hear good news from outside, and asks that visitors be more sensitive and empathic about the patient's current situation.

* Light is treated as one of the most essential factor enhancing a patient’s health. * The patient...
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