Nursing Home Visit

Topics: Nursing, Activities of daily living, Nursing care plan Pages: 8 (1380 words) Published: August 30, 2006
Nursing Home: Hope Healthcare Center

Location/Address of facility:
38410 Cherry Hill Rd
Westland Michigan
Director's Name:
Linda Hamstra
Differently than most of the students in class, I was welcomed by Hope Healthcare to visit the facilitly. I had explained I was a student of Central Michigan University and would like to come for a visit for observations and they scheduled an appointment during the phone call.

Physical Layout:
Single story facility with 142 certified beds with 85% currently occupied. They are Medicare and Medicaid participants. Hope is also part of a chained nursing care facility and is considered a for profit corporation. They also have resident and family councilors on-site.

Impression of the physical layout and living conditions:
30% of the residents within Hope Healthcare Center need for help doing basic daily tasks such as feeding themselves, moving from one chair to another, changing positions while in bed, and need assistance going to the bathroom. Some of the residents only have a temporary loss of function due to being ill such as having pneumonia, an infection, a recent injury, or a chronic problem like asthma that has flared-up. To gather as much information I could during my visit and to truly understand what questions I should ask I conducted my interview using a Nursing Home Check list provided by Medicare's website:

Basic InformationYesNO
1) The nursing home is Medicare-certified. X
2) The nursing home is Medicaid-certified. X
3) The nursing home has the level of care needed
(e.g. skilled, custodial), and a bed is available. X
4) The nursing home has special services if
needed in a separate unit (e.g. dementia,
ventilator, or rehabilitation), and a bed is
available. X

5) The nursing home is located closeX
enough for friends and family to visit.

Resident AppearanceYESNO
1) Residents are clean, appropriately dressedX
for the season or time of day, and well

Nursing Home Living SpacesYesNo
1) The nursing home is free from overwhelming
unpleasant odors. X

Note other times I have been in homes, this usually isn't the case there always appears to be a scent of strong ammonia cleansers.

2) The nursing home appears clean andX

3) The temperature in the nursing home isX
comfortable for residents.

4) The nursing home has good lighting.X
5) Noise levels in the dining room and otherX
common areas are comfortable.

6) Smoking is not allowed or may be
restricted to certain areas of the nursingX

7) Furnishings are sturdy, yet comfortable
and attractive.X

1) The relationship between the staff and the
residents appears to be warm, polite, and

2) All staff wear name tags.X

3) Staff knock on the door before entering a
resident's room and refer to residents by

4) The nursing home offers a training and
continuing education program for all

5) The nursing home does background
checks on all staff.X

6) The guide on your tour knows the
residents by name and is recognized by

7) There is a full-time Registered Nurse
(RN) in the nursing home at all times,
other than the Administrator or
Director of Nursing.X

8) The same team of nurses and Certified
Nursing Assistants (CNAs) work with the
same resident 4 to 5 days per week.X

9) CNAs work with a reasonable number of

10) CNAs are involved in care planning

11) There is a full-time social worker on

12) There is a licensed...
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