Nursing Home and Health

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The responsibilities of employers and employee for maintaining health & safety in a workplace Health and social care settings also face potential hazards and injuries, so policies and legislation are need to promote and implement in the health and social care workplace. Employers and staffs are responsible to create and maintain health and safety environment in the workplace to protect services users and themselves as well.

Employers have responsibilities to protect the health, safety and well-being of users, employees and other people who might be in their organisation. Employers must do whatsoever it takes to achieve it.

This means ensuring that staff and others are protected from anything that may cause harm, efficiently controlling any risks to injury or health that might arise in the workplace. It is an obligation for the employers to create health and safety environment in the workplace and they must follow the policies, legislation and laws which is enforces by the government and local agencies.

Employers must take part in determining and identifying hazards and risks in the organisations. They must ensure that all the equipment which are being used to serve users are well checked and maintained the quality to avoid equipment related injuries and hazards. They will arrange training for the staffs regarding health and safety in their organisation.

They will help staffs to increase their knowledge regarding their service and health and safety. They will do regular risk assessment in the organisation. Managers and supervisors must supervise employees and monitor their work regularly and make sure that employees are following organisation’s policies and laws correctly.

If any staff having some problem or doing something wrong, managers and supervisor therefore will help them to solve the problem or correct them. They will implement health and safety policies and laws in the organisation and monitor procedures and practices regularly.

The employees’ right is to work in a safe and healthy environment which are given by law and normally can not be changed or removed by employer. It is the employee’s duty to follow and maintain the health and safety guidelines and procedures for all time. They are the responsible to provide health and safety to the users and themselves. They will look for potential harm and hazards and injuries in the workplace and report those immediately to managers or supervisor, to take appropriate actions against those matters.

Poor knowledge and skills may cause injuries and harm in the workplace for poor handling of equipment and tools. Large equipment must keep out of the way for safety reasons. Equipment and tools must be handling with proper knowledge otherwise it may cause serious harm and injuries to staffs and users.

Chemicals and medicines must be kept in secured place which must be locked for all time and only certain people have access to those. Service users also follow the health and safety policies and procedures for themselves to keep them away from potential hazards and dangerous situations. 1.3 Analyze are the health & safety priorities in a workplace. Health and safety policies and procedures play an important role to maintain healthy and good environment in the workplace for users, and workers. It is vital to follow and maintain health and safety policies as it safes people from harm and injuries and help staffs to accomplish their work on time and increase their efficiency. Healthy and safe environment gives workers the opportunity to do their best as much as possible. Users and others will feel secure as they are being cared correctly and given the best quality of service and they do not worry about workplace related accidents and risks....

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