Nursing History

Topics: Nursing, Florence Nightingale, Health care Pages: 4 (1436 words) Published: December 12, 2005
Understanding Issues Facing Health Care Professionals
Nurses play an extremely vital role in the world of healthcare and make up the backbone of the health care system. Florence Nightingale is noted as one of the first trained nurses. She trained at the first organized school of nursing, founded in Kaiserworth, Germany in 1846. Nursing has evolved exponentially since then. Technology changed the face of medicine and increased the workload for nurses. Currently, the United States is experiencing an extreme shortage of nurses and many nurses are "burned out" by the high demands of the profession. However, consumers expect well-trained and experienced nurses providing care in hospitals, clinics, and home health care facilities. Regulatory agencies provide oversight of the nursing profession as future trends such as nursing shortages, advanced technologies, and the "graying of American" give birth to new challenges in the profession of nursing. History of Nursing

Nursing is the profession of providing care for sick or infirm. Before nurses, the care of the ill fell to family members, friends, or religious orders. "In ancient times, when medical lore was associated with good or evil spirits, the sick were usually cared for in temples and houses of worship. In the early Christian era nursing duties were undertaken by certain women in the church, their services being extended to patients in their homes" ( par. 6). "Nursing care based on non-structured learning continued for centuries-sometimes with admirable results…" (Sarkis & Conners, 1985, p. 121). Then "In the 17th cent., St. Vincent de Paul began to encourage women to undertake some form of training for their work, but there was no real hospital training school for nurses until one was established in Kaiserwerth, Germany, in 1846" ( par. 7). Florence Nightingale established "…the Nightingale Training School for Nurses…in 1860" (Sarkis & Conners, 1985, p. 122). It is here...
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