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Sample Portfolio: names, publications, etc. are fictional and designed to represent one type of portfolio that an Academy applicant could submit. Each sample portfolio is designed to meet the “standard” for admission into the Academy.

Name and Degree(s): Sarah Robinson, PhD, RN
Position: Professor
School: School of Nursing
Department/Program: Undergraduate Program
Percent Effort in Educational Activities: 100%
1. Describe the goals or philosophy that guide your practice as a teacher, assessor of learners, mentor and/or advisor.
My career as a university teacher has spanned 30 years including the past fifteen years as a faculty at the UTMB School of Nursing with a joint appointment at GSBS and previously, fifteen years as a faculty at the University Of Arizona School Of Nursing with an adjunct appointment at the School of Public Policy. From that vantage point, I have had the opportunity to teach and learn from hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students in nursing, medicine, allied health, philosophy, ethics, health policy, and other disciplines. My educational philosophy has evolved over time in response to my own experiences and growth as a teacher and clinician as well as continued interchange with students. My overriding philosophy is based on the belief that students are not “empty vessels” to be shaped by faculty, but rather that they come to the educational enterprise with a vast array of life experiences, knowledge, and skills that can be incorporated and translated into their professional health education.

I believe that teachers, at their best, serve as guides and catalysts who engage students in critical thinking, reasoning, and dialogue about the core scientific, clinical and humanistic knowledge that is required for promoting health and healing among their patients and the multi-faceted roles of health professionals in that endeavor. I also believe that teaching- learning is a partnership between teacher and students and that it is synergistic. I have learned far more from students than I have probably ever imparted to them. I also believe that excellent teachers help establish an atmosphere in both classroom and clinical settings that promotes honesty and integrity and that encourages students to examine their own beliefs, knowledges and assumptions as well as invite constructive debate and feedback.

It is important that health professional students, who will often practice as part of a team, learn to respect diverse opinions while at the same time learn to articulate their own perspectives and judgments. Students must also learn to take responsibility for their own lifelong learning as they enter the worlds of practice and education.

2. Describe how you have prepared yourself for your role as a teacher, assessor, mentor and/or advisor.
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Sample Portfolio: names, publications, etc. are fictional and designed to represent one type of portfolio that an Academy applicant could submit. Each sample portfolio is designed to meet the “standard” for admission into the Academy.

My doctoral education was in Biomedical Ethics and Public Health Policy and my master’s degree in Community Health and Political Science with a functional focus on teaching. I have drawn on both of these programs as a framework for developing courses and learning experiences that help students examine complex issues in health care ethics and public policy and develop strategies for helping to resolve those issues. One of the most significant ways that I enhanced my skill as a teacher was receiving one of the first Joseph P. Kennedy Fellowships in Bioethics for Faculty at Georgetown Univ. in the early 1980’s. This Fellowship was specifically focused on the preparation of nursing and medical school faculty in the newly emerging field of biomedical ethics. That educational experience shaped my efforts to help...
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