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As a curious child, my love for reading stories led to a lot of my spare time in the school library. At age 12, I read many of the stories in the childrens' Encyclopedia Britannica. Amongst other stories, I read about Florence Nightingale, a lady from high class family who decided to join nursing – a much lower class job in her time. Her story introduced me to a new definition of career and service. I chose nursing as a profession to serve God and in service of fellow human beings in need. I was captivated by Florence Nightingale's vision and insight into the expanding role of nurses to provide holistic care in the health care system.

My insight into the need of the nursing profession today is an increased need for advanced practice nurses. With the aging population in the United States of America, there is a growing need for health professional that cater to the adult and aging population. Also, the cost of doctors' visit deters individuals from seeing a health care provider for preventative and health promotion visits. My educational goal is to get a Masters of in Nursing with an Adult Nurse Practitioner Specialty track. A Master in Nursing at Azusa Pacific University would provide an opportunity to use the nursing process with greater autonomy, authority, and leadership in my practice. After completion of the program I intend to work with greater independence in decision making, accountability and a focus on health promotion and disease prevention. I will also possess the expertise in collecting, analyzing and labeling health problems in a collaborative health care environment.

I have since read about other nursing theorists and their works during my undergraduate nursing education at Seneca College, York and Loma Linda Universities. I still maintain my curiosity from childhood and if given the opportunity to attend Azusa Pacific University, I will bring a curiosity and willingness to learn new things that would improve my nursing career. which I...
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