Nursing Ethics Case Study

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The American Nurses Association has a set of Professional Codes of conduct. The specific ethical standards are compacted in an Act that is entitled under the Code of Ethics for Nurses. Code of ethics simply means a set of rules or principles that govern a certain group of individuals within an organization or a Union of professionals. New employees in professions, organization and companies are usually given a set of principles of which they are required to sign and adhere. (Fowler & American Nurses Association 2008). In most cases, a violation of these ethics may lead to serious consequences such as jail terms and being relieved of your duty. In some professions, an oath is usually administered so as to bind the professionals to the ethics....

In the active involvement in practice, it is expected that the nurse will be active in the healthcare policy and also in the nursing profession. This should be done through contribution to leadership and activities in the organizations of affiliation. Nurses can take part in committees and also in mentorship programs in their places of work. Those on self-employment basis should act as role models for the professions integrity. Career advancement in this case may be achieved through active involvement in Civic activities and other meaningful activities nationally and internationally. Those in the Nursing administration should be at the forefront in providing other nurses with conducive environment that will facilitate the nurses’ professionalism and ethical integrity. Those in the research areas should work hard to ensure that they contribute to the body of knowledge and also help in the advancement of nursing...

Professional standard should be formulated and adopted by nurses and should reflect the responsibility of nurses in the society. It is the duty of nurses to identify their role and scope of practice that is permitted and acceptable by the values in the society, federal laws and ode of ethics. Nurses in administrative and managerial positions must ensure that they provide employment environment that meets the standards of the nursing profession. The nurse educators should maintain high standards in the nursing education and practice in any setup that will involve training or...
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