Nursing Diagnosis

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This is a case of a nuclear family that has a matriarchal type of authority. Family R is currently residing at La Paz, Makati City. They are consisting of eight members namely: Mr. MR, 38 years old, works as one of the utility that helps clean the barangay hall. On the other hand Mrs. RR, 31 years old is a housewife but she is a part of a community organization known as MADAC. The two are not married and are cohabitated. They have 6 children namely: Mr. R1, 17 years old, Mr. R2, 15 years old, Ms.R3, 14 years old, Mr. R4, 13 years old, little Ms. R5, 4 years old and the youngest little Mr. R6, 3 years old. Currently the family is not complete because their eldest son R1 is in prison for 8 years already. According to Duvall's family stages they are under the Family with School Age, Adolescents and Launching Center. Mr. R3 is also in the Child bearing stage.

The researchers had their first interaction with the clients during their home visit last September 4, 2009 at exactly 9:00 am. On the way to the Family P’s house, the researchers noticed that the environment is congested. The stairs and the hallway leading to the family’s door was narrow wherein one or two persons can pass at a time. As the researchers passed by they notice that there were presence of insects, and rodents such as flies, cockroaches and rats. The stairs leading to the houses in the building also has poor lighting facility making it dark to pass through. Stagnant water was also present. The house is concrete and made up of wood. There was also trash scattered on the way and it has a peculiar smell and smoke.

Upon entry to the family’s residence, the researchers introduced themselves and were welcomed inside. Then the mother greeted, “Pasensiya na maliit at magulo ang bahay.” The house was divided into first, second floor and has 2 windows. Measurement is approximately 160 square centimeters and 18 inches high. There were 2 doors which were the main door and a door which was cut to become a window near the canal. The living room also serves as a multi purpose room for everyone –the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The size of their living room is not enough for the family. Their appliances were also observed to be dusty. There was 1 electric fan, 1 TV and 1 DVD. There were some bulky cabinets as well as other storage compartments which were disorganized. The kitchen wares were also scattered on the floor and uncovered. The family has a single burner stove as their cooking facility beside the comfort room. Their water supply is from NAWASA which they pay their neighbor for the gallons and pails they consumed for P1.00 each. Their water is being stored in big bottles of Wilkins which are not sure if it can be reused. They get their water using a hose passing it through downstairs up to their comfort room. They also use it for drinking. The comfort room’s toilet facility is a “buhos” type or pail system. It was noticed crowded with pails and with no tiles. It is divided by a shower curtain to the living room. They do their laundry outside and hang it outside. The garbage is placed outside in a half part of a 1 gallon container and their father collects it and throws outside the vicinity. They don’t segregate and it is mixed with different types of garbage. There is a canal at the back side of the house which they intend to make as an extension but due to lack of money it was still open. The canal also has garbage scattered and mostly are plastics and it has a peculiar bad smell that came from dead rats. From these cues, Poor Environmental Sanitation specifically breeding sites for vectors of disease, inadequate living space, unsanitary waste disposal, poor lighting and ventilation, and air pollution was identified as Health Threat.

The researchers also saw that there are 2 windows that divide the house and the canal; one is found in the comfort room. It was considered dangerous because...
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