Nursing Care Plan for Impaired Social Interaction

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- Don’t like to mingle with others.

- When talked to, he always looked at different directions.

- Isolate him from others.

- Does not participate in ward activities.


“Ayoko sa kanila makihalubilo minsan kasi pakiramdam ko sasaktan nila ako at pinagtritripan.” |Impaired Social Interaction related to social isolation of self to others. |A state in which an individual participates in either an insufficient or an excessive quantity of social exchange, or with an ineffective quality of social exchange. |Short Term:

Within 1 week of nursing interactions and interventions, the patient will:

1. Minimize his pacing in different directions when talked to.

2. Develop a therapeutic nurse-client relationship through frequent, brief contacts and an accepting attitude.

3. Respond to social contacts in the environment such as interacting with the staff for a specific period of time.

Long Term:

Within 3 weeks of nursing interactions and interventions, the patient will:

1. Demonstrate effective social interaction skills in both one-on-one and group settings.

2. Will maintain a good relationship with other patients.

3. Demonstrate appropriate social interactions. |Independent:

1. Provided opportunities for socialization and encourage participation in group activities.

2. Allowed patient time to reveal delusions to you without engaging in a power struggle over the content or the reality of the delusions.

3. Used a supportive, emphatic approach to focus on patient’s feelings about troubling events or conflicts.

4. Helped patient to identify behaviors that alienate him from the environment.

5. Assisted patient in learning neutral social topics such as weather or local events.


1. Administered medications as ordered and checked after

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