Nursing Care Plan

Topics: Nursing care plan, Nursing, Nursing diagnosis Pages: 11 (1104 words) Published: August 10, 2013

DEFINITION: Organized and systematic process of collecting data from a variety of sources to evaluate the health status of a patient. |ASSESSMENT |PLANNING |EVALUATION | |Universal Self Care Requisites |Nursing Diagnosis |Expected Outcomes |Nursing Interventions |Rationale |Outcome Assessment | | | | | | | | |DEFINTION: |DEFINITION: |DEFINITION: |DEFINITION: |DEFINTION: |DEFINTION: | | | | | | | | |(USCR) the category of self-care requites that |Problem: statement of the patient's risk for |Desired or expected outcomes of nursing |Direction for nursing action designed to assist|Scientific principles, theories or concepts |Responses to or results of nursing | |are basic and common to all humans and are |or actual health problem that the nurse is |diagnosis: |the client and/or significant other to meet the|underlying nursing interventions: |interventions. An assessment of relative data | |constantly present; these needs must be met to |licensed and accountable to treat. | |expected outcomes. Nursing actions are | |is made. These outcome assessments describe | |achieve optimal health and well-being. There | |"Patient will" __________________ |specific, realistic, and individualized for a |Document the source with author, title, |how the patient looks, feels or behaves after | |are eight universal self-care requisites: |Etiology: factors "related to" or "associated |_____________________________ |particular patient. |edition, and page. |nursing action has been implemented. | | |with" the patient's problem. |_____________________________ | | | | |(1) AIR | | |Components of nursing actions: | |May include proposed modifications or present | |(2) FOOD |Symptoms: manifestation of problem identified.|or |1. Precision action verb | |plan for improvement of nursing care. | |(3) WATER...
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