Nursing Care Plan

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A payment status of IN PROCESS means your payment is still being processed. A payment status other than PAID indicates that the Department of State has not received your payment. If you receive a notice that your case has entered termination do not attempt to pay any fees. You must contact the NVC immediately to resume processing of your petition. NVC contact information can be found at

Next Steps
1. When the IV fee payment status is PAID, each applicant must submit an Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration. If your case was initiated after October 4, 2010 and your case number begins with AMM, ATH, BGH, LMA, MEP, or MTL you must submit your visa application form online. Otherwise you must submit the paper version of the form. q


To submit your application form online, go to and follow the instructions displayed. To submit the paper version log in to and follow the instructions for the DS-230 Application.

2. To complete your Immigrant Visa application you must also submit civil documents. Go to to learn about document submission requirements and options for your case. 3. If you are required to submit physical documents, you must include a barcoded cover sheet to identify the documents as belonging to your case. q

If you received an Instruction Packet from the National Visa Center (NVC), it contains a cover sheet which may be photocopied.



If you need a new cover sheet, log in to and click the Print Document Cover Sheet button. If you cannot print a cover sheet now, log in to and click the Email Document Cover Sheet button to send an electronic copy to an email address where it can be printed later.

4. The next steps concerning AOS fee payments are found on the...
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