Nursing as an Entity

Topics: Nursing, Florence Nightingale, Nurse Pages: 3 (695 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Nursing as an Entity
Casey Berling, BSN Student
Eastern Kentucky University
NSC 252 Intro to Professional Nursing
Department of Baccalaureate & Graduate Nursing, College of Health Sciences October 31, 2012

If the question was asked, “What is your definition of nursing,” to the thousands of nurses in the world today, there would be one word that would unite them all, and that is the word care. Nursing strives to be a very unique profession where selfishness, and self-serving isn’t even thought of. It takes a special kind of person who can drop everything at an instance, and provide critical performance of skills and assessment to allow a patient ease in their time of need. My definition of nursing is a selfless entity in which caring, privacy, and safety of patients reign supreme when used with critical thinking..... quality assessment and patient needs are met with the most affectionate of hearts and minds, that deliver attentiveness to the patients outlook by providing suggestions and help in a non-demanding manner.

Defining my Definition
My definition above I believe encases not only the technicalities of the nursing profession, but also what entitles a good nurse to give quality care. Without the major points mentioned like safety, and privacy, how can a patient feel secure with not only their provider but with the entire industry as well. Nursing is a very resourceful occupation and to remain this way it must harness every aspect I believe it calls for. Including attentiveness, privacy, and selflessness.

Nursing doesn’t judge nor take itself for granted. It utilizes every tool placed in its midst and allows for those caring men and women to take hold and deliver the highest quality of care to its clients. “Attentiveness entails the detection of the patient and/or family need. If the nurse fails to recognize the need, the patient or family will not experience caring,” (Lachman, 2012). Without paying attention to...

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