Nursing and Local Preceptor

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Learning Pages: 6 (2000 words) Published: December 14, 2013
 As one of a worker’s ministry of health, I feel very proud become a nurse but sometimes it is also to challenges while on duty. I was working with ministry of health as a staff nurse 13 year ago. I have been working in paediatric ward, labour room and currently I am in maternity ward. In maternity ward, they is one nursing sister as a ward manager, 7 trained staff nurse with midwifery course, 7 other’s trained staff nurse without midwifery course, and 14 other trained nurse. As a team, we work together to deliver better nursing care to our client’s. My working place is one of the practice areas for medical personal’s and student’s to do their practical in midwifery. My objective for this assignment is to explore whether the working environment at my unit is suitable for learning. To create a learning environment, ward should have a good staff as a friend attitude, approachable, willing to help, showing interest in teaching and self confidence at work. In my ward we have very good relationship, where to give support to each other, not only in our profession as a nurse but also those in needs by giving moral support. So, the mentor and the mentee must get this opportunity to know each other. The close relationship will give benefit to the mentee to learn the skills of the clinical placement. Furthermore, the relationship will make the mentee start taking responsibility, become independent and needs help less. To support this, Brown (2002) defined communication as to impact share, conveys or exchanged information. (English National Board and Department of health (ENB and DH) 2001a, Andrew and Roberts 2003) suggested, to enhance the clinical experience, it is importance to provide students with appropriate support, guidance and supervision in the clinical area .Besides, working environment also play the important role. In my learning areas, the learner mostly felt uncomfortable due to noisy from client relatives, environment temperature high and congested will make learner sweating and workload always make them left behind their food. As learning is a change in human, the learner needs a comfortable environment. To support, Maslow (1987 , 1943) theory or a hierarchy of human needs suggests that human psychological needs oxygen, food, water, homeostasis, and constant body temperature that must be fulfilled first in order for the human body to function well (Simons, Irwin, and Drinnien 1987). Blais et al. (2002) asserted that computer is a powerful tool to make education, research, practice and administration becomes more efficient. Therefore, the need of information technology into nursing education has been recognised where there are nursing journal, articles, current research available in internet. My working area has one computer with internet access. We can use the computer to access the internet for study or work presentation. But it is limited because the computer is mainly for daily and monthly ward census. Most the time the computer is use by ward staff to type daily census and email it to related person in charge of each health care centre .However, the nurses can learn more if the superior provide extra computer with internet access to facilitate nurses in searching variety of learning resources in order to enhance their knowledge and communication idea with other staffs through multiple communication channels. Roger and Mead (2004) suggest that internet access also can change people communication, clinical practice and relationship with patients. In my practice area, the students are guided by local preceptor and the junior staff guided by mentor. Cassidy (2009) stated that acting as a mentor requires a registered nurse to have clinical knowledge, experience and an informed appreciation of student assessment. Although the local preceptor and mentor is a senior nurse, but there are lacks in knowledge and skills in teaching and assessing learner. Quinn and Hughes (2007) stated...
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