Nursing and High Standard

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End of Nursing Degree Reflection

Reflecting upon the last three years on this course I feel I have developed my nursing skills and knowledge to a high standard, I feel I have also changed as a person. I have had the chance to have experiences upon my placements which will remain with me throughout my nursing career, I have had the support from all my mentors whilst on practice and have thoroughly enjoyed all of my placements. I feel I have always linked theory into practice whilst on placements to ensure that I get the best from each placement. Whilst on my last placement on a neonatal unit I feel I gained the skills to care for a neonate in the future, I had the opportunity to participate in the care delivery of each individual child and family, from birth to discharge. I understand the importance of looking for vital signs in deterioration and how to effectively handle these situations. During my final placement within a neonatal unit I have experience in attending theater, for emergency and planned caesarean section and also natural delivery for babies who may require the special care unit. Looking after high dependency neonates has allowed me to understand the importance of drug errors and their effects. This placement has allowed me to have experience within complex cases including ventilation of a neonate. Throughout my nurse training I have had many successful placements and opportunities within an acute children’s ward, this has allowed me to gain skills and knowledge around complex conditions and procedures. Experiencing different placements has allowed me to develop an awareness of assessing individual needs of the patient, to ensure prioritisation of changing health requirements. I have been familiarised with local trust policies and procedures with regard to transferring high dependency patients to the correct medical facility they require. I understand the vitality of reassuring patients and their families and keeping them up to date on the care...
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