Nursing and Health Care Delivery

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Master's Prepared Nursing Roles
RSMT Task 1 Form

1. According to (“Roles & Responsibilities”, 2008) Master’s prepared nurse’s role as a researcher includes collaborating and coordinating with others to identify significant researchable problems. In doing so the nurse must be involved in scientific investigation and must be a consumer of research findings. As a nurse researcher you must be conscious of the research process, how it would improve health care by utilizing evidence based practice, and have sensitivity to related issues to protect the rights as a human being. Without research nursing cannot advance 2. In (2012) Peamora & Que noted that as a Master’s prepared nurse collaborator he/she must consult with more than just the patient/client. They possess the capability of consulting on various systems. The nurse will develop a plan and work with others involved to achieve a common goal. 3. The Master’s prepared nurse’s role as a clinician is one who has direct contact with patients. According to Bevis after a few years of experience a clinician is considered an expert. As a clinician he/she may make independent and collaborative decisions. Policies are a must. This nurse must be able to know when to utilize them. Clinical nurse specialist has become an expanded role of the nurse. This nurse is a researcher, collaborator, educator, and an expert care provider in that specialty. Examples of nurse clinicians are nurse practitioners, nurse midwife and nurse anesthetist. 4. The Master’s prepared nurse’s role as a consumer advocate is to advocate for patients/clients. Bevis noted that this nurse is also responsible for advising them where to go to receive care, specific products they should use, and the kind of clinicians they should see. According to Tomajan (2012) any kind of concerns the client has an advocate

must put in an action plan to bring about change. A nurse advocate must be able to meet a client on their level of understanding. The client’s best interest must be at heart. This also includes promoting, protecting, and supporting a client’s decision. 5. Bevis mentioned that a Master’s prepared nurse’s role as manager of systems usually does decision making, collaborate with others, allocate services and evaluate care and staff. It depends on the interaction how we manage the system. According to (“Roles & Responsibilities”) the nurse manager is responsible for but not limited to the following; planning, directing, development of staff, monitor operations, reward and fairly represent both staff and administration. 6. Bevis states that a Master’s prepared nurse’s role as a consultant involves someone with experience. This nurse doesn’t have to be quoted as an expert. Consultants help with problem solving and decision making. Communication is a big factor in this role. Helping with problem solving, decision making and coordination of treatment plans are essential, as well as motivating clients, colleagues and caregivers. 7. In (2012) Peamora & Que noted that when a Master’s prepared nurse function as a change agent they are responsible for implementing something new within a system. This nurse assist clients in modifying behaviors in which will help the client return to good health. Recently my job instituted a paperless charting system called Cerner. It was vital to have nurses in this role to help transition from paper documentation to computerized charting. Implementing these measures not only increased patient’s safety, it also facilitates improved continuity of care.

In this profession we must possess innovative ways to practice amongst professionals and students a-like. Develop new skills, stay relevant in our practice, and make important decisions to insure the improvement of patient care. 8. According to (“What’s Nursing’s Roles”, 2013) the largest group of health care professionals are nurses. Nurses spend the most time with the patients. Nurses provide care in a wide variety of settings. This...
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