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In order to provide the right dimension of care to meet the individual needs of each patient, each component of the metaparadigm of nursing must be considered. This metaparadigm was first developed by Florence Nightingale and is still a valid and important tool nurses use every day. Its four components are person, environment, health and nursing each works to help the other for a better understanding and application of proper care (Fawcett, 1994). The first paradigm refers not only to a person, but also to the families or social groups who are involved in the nursing treatment. A nurse’s care must extend beyond the patient and must involve their entire support network. The nurse must be aware of everything about the patient such as their beliefs, values, and personal preferences as well as involving the patient in decisions that will affect their recovery. This is part of establishing proper communication. Without proper communication, the patient might feel passive, as if they have no ownership over their own life. As a nurse, one must never forget that treatment goes beyond the physical; it is important to make the patient feel comfortable with their role and surroundings as well. The environment plays a key role, which can be best explained in two ways: the internal and external environment. The internal environment refers to the patient’s own emotional, cultural, and social conditions. The external environment refers to where the patient receives their care. Additionally, the environment in which each individual exists will have an impact on the outcome of his or her health. Therefore, nurses must take into account the patients specific circumstances that he/she lives in and with this information, be able to devise a proper treatment method for them. A nurse’s understanding of the environments in relation to their patients can significantly affect the health status and even enhance the recovery. Furthermore, it is important to understand the metaparadigm of health in relation to the patient. This entails the patient knowing what being in good health consists of along with recognizing and accepting that death is a natural part of the life cycle. However, not everybody interprets wellness or death the same way. Therefore, “health can be defined as the optimal level of one’s potential relating to the environment” (Ingalls & Tourville, 2003). The World Health Organization describes health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well -being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. It’s important for a nurse to take into account how their patient defines health and their well being when providing care. This is crucial because if the patient has the wrong idea of what health is then this can slow their recovery and so it is the nurse’s duty to educate them as to what is proper good health to expedite their recovery. Finally, the nursing component of the metaparadigm refers to the relationship between the nurse and their patient. This relationship goes further than physical treatment. It also includes the nurse gathering all the information of the patient on their close groups (such as family), and their environment and how it affects them along with their understanding of health. By having all this knowledge on their patients, a nurse is able to develop the best form of treatment for them and educate them on it. The nurse must provide the patient with the support they need to help build strength while involving their families and communities in their path to healing. The metaparadigm of nursing is a multidimensional concept that aims to address and enhance the practice of nursing. It allows nurses to better understand the art and science of nursing as it applies to every specific individual. Nursing concepts

  Within the nursing field there are a variety of practice-specific concepts that range from ethics, religion, nurse’s role and many others. Though there is a long ongoing list,...
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