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Name 6 reasons that people may be at risk for falls.
Confusion/disorientation, depression, altered elimination, dizziness/vertigo, patient is taking antiepileptics, patient is taking benzodiazepines. Name 6 ways to prevent falls.
Nonskid socks, Call Don’t Fall poster, Patient wears red band to indicate fall risk, Fall Risk pamphlet to help educate patient to prevent falls, Fall risk Sticker goes on Kardex and on patient’s chart, and Red star goes on outside of patient’s door Describe the Hendrich fall risk assessment and the way to use it to prevent falls in your patient. This assessment tool considers 6 risk factors along with the Get Up and Go Test. The Hendrich fall risk assessment only takes a short amount of time during the nursing assessment of a patient and is easy to identify fall risk. Describe how you will educate your patients in fall prevention. Teach patient about extrinsic and intrinsic factors that can cause falls. Extrinsic factors like spills on the floor, rugs, and cables across the floor can cause falls. Teaching patients to look for these things while ambulating is essential to preventing falls. After assessing a patient, it is important to share his results and explain how to prevent falls in more detail. Also explaining to the patient the importance of getting help to walk to the bathroom can help prevent falls, because most falls are due to patient needing to eliminate and try to go by themselves. Describe how you can prevent falls using an interdisciplinary team approach. Interdisciplinary team members must communicate effectively based on observations objectively from lab values and subjectively. Providing adequate lighting, keeping rooms clutter-free, identifying patients who are a fall risk, and keeping the beds in low positions help prevent falls. This requires a team approach to prevent falls. 6) Discuss how reviewing this video will impact the care that you give your patients. This video has impacted me because it encourages me...
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