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To begin with upstream, it is defined as the level in which we use primary prevention methods before the person gets the disease. (Levels of Disease Prevention,2009) Primary prevention aims to prevent the disease from occurring. So primary prevention reduces both the incidence and prevalence of a disease. (Levels of Disease Prevention,2009). In primary prevention, choices are encouraged that will promote the overall health of an individual, population or community. Basic healthcare choices such as immunizations, hygiene, allergen avoidance, and precautions against hazards and accidents are also categorized as a primary prevention. These preventions are instituted initially by the patient when they or their caregivers realize that prevention is a better choice in maintaining health then curing or preventing progression of a disease. As Doody and Doody stated, “The principles of client participation and partnership are central to health promotion” (2012, p. 462). For instances, in case of diabetes, various organisations are raising awareness among people to prevent diabetes at primary level, As described by International Diabetes Federation’s website at Some organisations like Diabetes Australia are devoting much of their time on awareness of diabetes. According to Diabetes Australia (2010), it is important for diabetes to be understood by the whole community, not just those affected by diabetes. The National Diabetes Action Program (NDAP) is Diabetes Australia’s national type 2 diabetes awareness and prevention initiative. It supports and links with diabetes programs and health promotion initiatives undertaken by Diabetes Australia state and territory diabetes organisations.(Raising awareness,2010). Main aims of this organisation are to aware people of perceived susceptibility to diabetes, helping people to understand that diabetes can be prevented and accessing material which have information, support and services that have diabetes...
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