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Tell me about yourself.
People consider me as a caring, patient, friendly, and responsible person. I am very energetic; whenever I start working on something I never want to give up. I have a passion for becoming a nurse since I enjoy helping people around me. I get along with others very well, which make me always being cooperative with my co-workers and work with them toward a share goal. I graduated from Highline Community College last year with honor degree. Even though I already obtained my AA degree in Pre-Nursing, gaining my knowledge in the medical field is not enough for me. I want to gain more clinical patient experience and help people with all my heart. In order to strengthen my clinical experience, I also took the CNA class at Blossom Nursing Assistant Training School while studying at HCC and received the CNA license. Currently, I’m working at Stafford Suites Senior Assisted Living Apartments. I’m very excited about taking a CNA job here, where I can have an opportunity to work with people, especially the elderlies, who need nursing assistant’s help from basic hygiene care. I take very good care of the elderlies and make them feel like home. People here like me a lot and make me feel as if I am one of their family members. In order to further my education, I’m working my way up to earn my 4-year degree in BSN. I hope that I will become a helpful nurse in the future.

What are you greatest strengths and weakness/what do you friend say about you? My strengths are I’m very patient, calm, determined, friendly and a hard worker. For example, when I went on training at Auburn Nursing Home, the elders there really like me because I knew what I was doing. The elders said I took very good care of them and didn’t get angry even when they were in bad moods. I am also a fast learner and willing to learn new things. As for my weakness, I am a shy person. However, I know I could overcome that weakness as I interact with more patients while going through training in nursing school

Why would you choose nursing school or what motivate you to go for nursing? One of the reasons that motivate me to pursue my dream career of becoming a nurse involves my country, Vietnam, where I was born and lived for 17 years. Vietnam has the poor access to public health care services. Most healthcare services are only available for those who have money. As for those who are poor, they could not afford paying medical expenses and some of them have to give up their lives to avoid putting a burden on their families. For example, my best friend’s grandma, refused to go to a nursing home due to the high medical costs. Without medical services, my friend’s grandma became very ill and passed away. I felt very sorry for her. From my friend’s story, I feel it is necessary for me to study about healthcare. Also, my parents always motivate me to go for nursing school so that in the future I could help people in my family, especially when my grandparents are unable to take care of themselves. Other reasons why I want to become a nurse is I have family members who are disabled. One of my distant uncles is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and another relative had a stroke. They really need someone to take care of them and I hope I am able to help them after I become a nurse. (They are now getting better by the assistance from professional nurses. Those skillful nurses motivated me to become a good nurse in the future since I have strong compassion and a desire to help people. There are a lot of people needs someone to take care of them and I hope I am able to help them with all my knowledge and skills.)

Tell me about your working experiences
During the time I work at Stafford Suites Senior Assisted Living Apartments, I have an opportunity to help people from basic care including hygiene care and dressing. Even though some works are considered as dirty works, I don’t hesitate to do the job such as bathing, cleaning BM (bowel movement),...
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