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subject:investigative REPORT: associates degree in nursing

Descriptive Abstract
This investigative report will go into detail about associate’s degree in nursing. Nursing is the largest health care profession in the U.S. Over 2.5 million strong, nurses make up the largest workforce within the clinical healthcare industry. Nursing careers offer a wide variety of roles and a broad scope of responsibility. This report will also show graphs and steps to get into a nursing program as well as job titles, pay scales, places to work and receive an education. The purpose of this report is to go into detail about the associate’s degree at Beaufort county community college. Introduction:

This report is about the different types of nurses as well as different types of nursing degrees. The one I plan to major in is the associate’s degree in nursing at Beaufort county community college. You can also obtain your bachelors of Science in nursing, masters of Science in nursing, and the highest level is the doctorate degree in nursing. An associate's degree in nursing is a two-year degree that is obtained from a community college or vocational school. An associate's degree is the minimum requirement to become a Registered Nurse. But often and in the years to come many employers are requiring a bachelor's degree for many RN nursing roles. A bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) is required for many, but not all, nursing careers. A BSN, like most bachelor's degrees is typically a four-year degree from a university or college. Like most other nursing degrees, a bachelor of science in nursing combines classroom learning with hands-on training called "clinicals", which allow students to obtain first-hand experience working with patients in a clinical setting. A BSN should be obtained from an accredited nursing program. Education Requirements

At Beaufort County community college, you have to have and...

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