nurses in lawsuit

Topics: Rape, Nursing, Sexual intercourse Pages: 4 (1316 words) Published: October 6, 2014
NURSES INVOLVED IN LAWSUITS 3 Nurses Involved in Lawsuits and
Jon Jeffery Quianzon Case
The Legal system and health care system are both intertwined in many more ways than we think. Every time, we as nurses hear an advertisement for legal services like “Morgan and Morgan” the first thought that comes to our mind is that they are here to take our jobs away from us. As nurses, we are more liable for a lawsuit than the average citizen. Finkleman and Kenner (2013), describe legal issues as being a part of every nurse’s practice. They further explain that the nurse’s license itself is a legal issue that is enforced through the legal system (p.190). A form of tort for which every nurse is responsible for is obtaining an informed consent from a patient before performing a care and in witnessing an informed consent before the procedure. The types of torts involved when and if any of the above- mentioned consents are ignored can be classified as negligence (unintentional), and assault or battery (intentional)(Finkleman & Kenner, 2014). Today’s healthcare system is more concerned about lawsuits and ratings than about adequate and quality patient care. Nurses spend the majority of their time at work documenting rather than implementing care. We are taught from early on in our nursing schools how important it is to document because if it is not documented then it never happened. As a citizen, no one wants to be involved with the law, but every time nurses walk into their job premises they are exposed to the law. Nurses carry immense responsibilities at work; they deal with people’s lives and privacy. Our society looks at us as protectors, healers, and as angels, but there are all kinds of personalities who make up nurses as a population. For example, Jon Jeffery Quianzon, he was a person who had very dirty and disgusting plans when working as a nurse. Mr. Quianzon had assaulted several...

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