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Nurse Practitioner

By onetha24 Nov 10, 2012 422 Words
Every since I was a little girl I dream of becoming a Nurse. The idea of helping

people and working in a medical environment has always been intriguing me. On my

journey of becoming a nurse, I learn you need to acquire a skill set that involves

active listening, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. Active listening is

important because you learn to gather information quickly and precisely. Reading

comprehension is important because it’s the act of understanding what you are

reading. Critical thinking in nursing is the ability to think critically through the

application of knowledge and experience, problem solving and decision making is central

to professional nursing practice. These skills are essential to becoming a nurse practitioner.

Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who have received

special courses and training.They can work closely with doctors and can perform

high-level primary care tasks.Their duties often include taking detailed medical

histories and performing complete physical exams, recommending treatment plans,

providing diagnoses and treating common medical conditions, injuries, illnesses,

prescribing limited medications, and counseling patients and families. In this career you

can work in almost any medical facility. Nurse practitioners work in rural and urban

settings, Some examples are public health departments, community health centers,

hospitals, physicians' offices, nursing homes, clinics, and home health agencies.

In order for you to be a nurse practitioner you should have a positive attitude, be

responsible and be an outgoing person as well. To care for people is not made for just

anyone. You have to truly care about people. There are so many stories about people

being miss treated while in a medical facitltiy. This come from people not caring about

their job and just doing it for the money. I have known an elderly lady who back was

broken some how while she was in a nursing home and no one could tell her family

when, or how this happen. That story just gave me the motivation to think deeply, is this

something I want to accomplish as my career. If you think this is the good for you, you

should go forward it. In order to be a nurse practitioner you have to be a registered nurse

(RN) first. To become a RN you have to hold a baccalaureate degree or a associate

degree. Next there is the nursing exam, National Council license Examination

(NCLEX) for RNs to earn a state license to practice as a RN. After you pass the

exam you can consider possibilities for your first job.

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