Nurse Career Research Paper

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A successful career in the field of nursing
There are many different paths when it comes to Nursing. Ranging from Non-degree nurses to Advanced degree nurses. Nurses with no degree are obviously considered non-degree nurses. Non-degree nurses such as Certified Nurse Aide’s just helps out higher level nurses such as retrieving objects. Another form of a Non-degree nurse would be a Licensed Practical Nurse. These nurses work at places such as an elderly home. An advanced degree nurse would be a nurse with a master’s or doctorate-level work. Nurses with doctorate degrees are known as DNP’s or nursing PhDs. The “middle level” of nursing is obviously nurses with basic degrees. These nurses are most commonly referred to Registered Nurses (RN) and they commonly have either Associates or bachelor degrees in nursing. RN’s with a bachelor’s degree tend to have more career opportunities than those with associate’s.

There are many basic skills needed to become a certified nurse. As someone progresses in the field of nursing, more and advanced skills are needed to ensure a job well done. Most infection control nurses have these desirable skills: Knowledge in microbiology, epidemiology, and infectious diseases. The basic skills for an average nurse include basic motor skills, ability to read graphs and also be able to handle stress.

There are many benefits following a career in nursing. A great benefit is the Paid Time Off aspect of working as a nurse. Paid Time Off is a program that pays for not working. For example a certain number of hours that you worked you get some money. At the basics, interest for the amount of time you work. Also, there is Health Insurance for you and your family. There are also great pension payment plans available upon retirement. Other than health insurance plans there is also Dental/Vision Insurance. Depending on the place of work, some companies even have company phone plans and will pay for your...
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